⚠️ EXCLUSIVE! MCTEC Whistleblower Exposing Videos of Maricopa County Election Officials Violating Security Protocols! ⚠️

Whistleblower, Richie Stevens, is exposing non-stop security violations at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC). Despite the ongoing Maricopa County election audit, none of the Maricopa County election officials seem to be taking the security of our elections seriously.


Violations Include:


❌ Mystery systems being brought in through the shipping dock by an open bed pickup

❌ MC Employees working on mystery systems brought in by private vehicle

❌ Components of the electronic voting system NOT password protected

❌ Components of the electronic voting system left unlocked and unattended

❌ Doors with card readers left wide open

❌ Election equipment not properly covered by public cameras


👀 See for yourself. All of the violations have been caught on camera and posted online.