Accounting for All Mailed Ballots

Are extra ballots with your information being printed and mailed without your knowledge? 

The Election Integrity grassroots group led by Liz Harris has a very dedicated group of volunteers working every day to collect evidence of voting ‘issues’ in Maricopa County.  The most common problem is Phantom Voters, or voters registered to an address where the current resident claims they do not live.  When a volunteer finds a phantom registered voter a form is filled out to document the issue.  In some cases the resident will report that they got extra ballot(s) for people not living there.  Canvassers say about 1 in 5 address visited will have at least one phantom.  Read the findings for the first 3000 addresses canvassed.   


Here is a link to the reports mentioned in the FB post above:    

        2020 Election Results         Early Voting Rejections       Rejections Detailed       Voter Education Report


So here’s what we know about Maricopa County statistics:

        3.3 million adults live in Maricopa County  

        2.6 million, or 83% are registered to vote.  Average registration rate in the US is 70% 

        2.1 million ballots were cast, or 80.5% of turnout in Maricopa.   Average turnout rate is 60%

We need more complete information regarding the  Early Voting Ballots Requested category.   Were there any other types of ballots included in that figure?  How many went missing, never returned or used (shredded, discarded)?    

Lost Discarded Ballots Found Thrown Out
Discarded Ballots Found Under A Rock

According to the answer provided on the Facebook page for Maricopa County, all ballots were accounted for after the 2020 election.  Yet tough questions remain.   Why are canvassers finding so many people who report getting extra ballots at their address?   Should Maricopa County include total mail-in ballots ordered for printing for each election and also totals for ballots returned and missing?  


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