After Massive Fraud and Corruption in the 2020 Election, Fulton County to Vote on $570 Million Contract with Soros Connected ‘The Elections Group’

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By Joe Hoft
Published August 17, 2021 at 5:15 pm  20 Comments

This may be the most insane activity in Fulton County since the 2020 Election steal.

CDMedia is reporting that Fulton County is looking to spend more than half a million dollars on the Elections Group – the same group that was involved in the election steal in the county in the 2020 Election.

Trusted sources have informed CDMedia that Fulton County Board of Commissioners will vote on a $570k contract for Chicago area ‘The Elections Group’ to conduct a comprehensive business process review of operations improvement and efficiency for Fulton County, GA elections.

Fulton County was the epicenter of election fraud during the U.S. general election on Nov 3rd and the follow-on Senate runoff on Jan 5th, 2021.

This group is connected to George Soros and Jennifer Morrell.  The Elections Group was also present during the election steal in Georgia and Morrell was one of the observers selected by Katie Hobbs in Arizona to review the Senate’s election audit in Maricopa County, writes The Gateway Pundit.

Now we have confirmation that Jennifer Morrell was partying in Colorado before the 2020 Election with local elections officials, state employees, and at least one Dominion executive.

Judge Amero of Henry County has scheduled a hearing in late September to rule on all motions regarding a possible ballot inspection of Fulton County mail-in ballots used on Nov 3rd.

The timing of this contract award is suspect. The goal could be to change election policies and ‘stack the deck’ for progressive candidates.

We’ve reported on the Elections Group for months.  This Group was in the middle of even corrupt acts in the 2020 Election across the country.

‘The Elections Group’ Was Involved in Shady and Likely Criminal Activities After the 2020 Election in Multiple States

The fact that Fulton County’s Board of Commissioners will vote on gifting more than half a million to the Election’s Group is very concerning.  This shows that the Soror-related individuals are not done pushing corrupt acts in an effort to steal American elections.  This must be stopped.

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