ARE YOU A PHANTOM? AZ Audit – Estimated 311,000 Phantom Voters

Bobby Piton studies voter data across the USA.  He has found PHANTOM VOTERS

Could your name be registered to vote multiple times at other addresses?     

Could you have other names registered to vote at your address?   Could these phantoms be voting?

Bobby Piton on Phantoms and Fraud

Maricopa County, AZ says they won’t cancel invalid voters unless the voter requests it himself.  Even though AZ law states you must be registered to vote at your current address.   The county also will not cancel a voter after a death certificate is recorded.  They wait for the next of kin to send in a formal request and death certificate.  

The voter registration database is public information.  Political parties use the information to go door to door to speak with voters about candidates or issues.  When canvassers go door to door to verify the people registered to vote, every day we find differences with the voter rolls and what the current resident reports it should be.  

We find phantoms, or people registered that the current resident says they do not know, or they know the name or the person, but they no longer live there.  

We find people who received extra ballots, sometimes for themselves, sometimes for unknown names.  Some people have reported several ballots arriving that were unexpected.  

We find people registered to vote at their address two or more times, sometimes with the same name, sometimes with a variation of their name.  Most duplicates appear unaware that they are registered multiple times and report no extra ballot issues.  

We find people who report no problem getting their ballot and voting, but months later they are no longer registered to vote at their address.  

We find people who report they got their ballot, and went to vote on election day and were told they had already voted and were given a provisional ballot.  Provisional ballots are not a guarantee that the vote will be counted.  

As canvassers, we simply take the information and report it to be further investigated and hopefully fixed by the county.

Removing Invalid Voter Registrations is Difficult