AZ OPPOSE racist CRT and SIGN HB2906/SB1840!

Tell Governor Ducey to SIGN HB2906/SB1840!


During covid lockdowns, a light was shined on a virus spreading into every institution – the racist Critical Race Theory. CRT uses old Marxist ideas, but instead of focusing on economic class, it shifts to race, propagandizing people to believe that an individual, only by merit of their own race, are “oppressors,” culpable for past crimes committed by members of their race, morally inferior, or racist themselves.

This ideology has no place anywhere in our state, and certainly should not receive taxpayer dollars and utilized within government agencies. HB2906 would prohibit any government agency or political subdivision of the state from requiring as training or using taxpayer dollars to promote CRT.

OPPOSE racist CRT and SIGN HB2906/SB1840! Click here to send your message!