Banner Health RN Op Ed

July 27, 2021

Author has requested to remain anonymous


Banner Health employs 50 thousand people across five states. Arizona houses most of Banner Health’s business, including the Banner’s Headquarters in Phoenix.

My colleagues and I provide excellent care for our diverse populations. We take pride in our work, always putting our patients first.

Last Tuesday, July 20th, healthcare professionals and employees were informed by Banner Health CEO Peter Fine that we would be required to receive the COVID -19 “experimental vaccine” by November 1st, 2021 or lose our jobs.


“I am pleased to share one more step we’re taking to keep us all safe: We will make the COVID -19 Vaccine mandatory for all Banner team members, with a deadline to become fully vaccinated by Nov. 1, 2021.” (P. Fine CEO [COVID-19 Vaccine Announcement, Banner email communication] July 20, 2021)


Employees were informed that those of us who do not receive the “experimental vaccine” will face losing our jobs. Coercion began immediately. Show proof that you have received the “experimental vaccine” and you might get lucky! You could be one of 10 people to win $10,000.00!

Threats other than job loss also began immediately. Phrased in the name of “benefits” for those who chose to receive the “experimental vaccine.”

  1. Employees who have not received the “vaccine” will stand out from their colleagues by not wearing a name badge cover.
  2. Employees who have not received the “vaccine” will NOT be allowed to dine with their colleagues.
  3. Employees who have not received the “vaccine” will have adjusted PPE rules, and continued COVID-19 testing protocols.
  4. Employees who have not received the “vaccine” will NOT be allowed to participate in meetings with their colleagues.


At this time, organizations cannot legally mandate something that is not a vaccine. The COVID-19 “vaccine” is not a vaccine. The COVID-19 “vaccine” does not have FDA approval as a vaccine. The COVID-19 “vaccine” is experimental. According to America’s Frontline Doctor, Dr. Shelly G. Cole MD, the experimental vaccine does not prevent transmission of COVID-19, or prevent someone from getting COVID-19. Vaccines are supposed to prevent diseases/viruses and are supposed to prevent transmission.

Why would someone who has had COVID-19 and recovered from COVID-19 be mandated to get the “experimental vaccine?” Humans have amazing immune systems, far surpassing the benefits of the “experimental vaccine.”

We must remember from history that experimenting on humans is wrong, is immoral, and is evil.

Banner Health boasts caring for its employees. But do they? Banner is much more than nurses and doctors. As nurses and doctors, we are fortunate to work with people who are dedicated to and who work extremely hard supporting patient care. Examples include our housekeeping team, our nutrition team, and our transport teams.

Banner Respiratory Therapists, Physical Therapists, Social Workers, and Nurse Case Managers are dedicated, hard working team members who care for their patients, and each other. And they also care for their own families.

Lastly, we must point out our front-line nurses and doctors who faced COVID -19 from the start. Nurses and doctors who went into their patient rooms not knowing if they themselves would get sick. Not knowing the if they would bring the virus home to their families. Not knowing.

None of us knew. We went to work. Unselfishly took care of our patients. And worked long excruciating shifts. All without the “vaccine.”

Now, after all our hard work, after putting our lives at risk, after putting our family’s lives at risk, Banner Health, our employer is MANDATING an “experimental vaccine.”

Why? Is it because Banner Health cares for its employees? Maybe. Or maybe the reason lies somewhere else. Do you wonder how much money the Federal Government is offering to mandate this “experimental vaccine” by Healthcare Providers? Do you wonder what is included in a Medicare Contract bid? What has CMS required Healthcare providers do?


Data from the website demonstrates low numbers of hospitalizations and infection.

As of 7/25/2021, the website reported 1 person hospitalized with COVID-19. To put this number into perspective, last year on 7/24/2020, there were 193 people in the hospital with COVID diagnosis. Positive COVID-19 tests on 7/24/2020 were 52. Last year on 7/24/2020 the positive rate was 1818.

Ironically, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced this on 7/21/2021 that the PCR test used for COVID-19 is not able to distinguish between SARS CoV2 and the influenza viruses.


12 facts regarding the COVID-19 “Vaccine”

#1: It is not a vaccine. It does not contribute to herd immunity.

  • Vaccines are a specialized medicine given to healthy people to stop them from getting a virus.
  • Vaccines are given to prevent transmission of viruses.

#2: The experimental “vaccine” only lessens symptoms.

  • You are still at risk of getting the virus.

#3: You do not need to be vaccinated if you have already contracted COVID-19.

  • The new “vaccine” was purposely studied in those who had not contracted SARS-CoV2, that is to be expected. We do not know how the immune system will respond.

#4: The “experimental vaccine” uses new technology. No other vaccine currently available is like it.

#5: The “vaccine” may make you sicker than if you hadn’t taken it, especially the elderly.

#6: Inflammation at the placenta of pregnant women who receive the vaccine have been reported. Caution if you desire future pregnancies.

#7. There are effective, safe, affordable prevention and treatment medications for COVID-19.

#8. Deaths due to COVID-19 do not justify the approval of an “experimental vaccine.”

#9. The known risks of vaccines can be serious.

#10. Results of the “vaccine” trials were reported with less than 200 people!

#11. The pharmaceutical companies and those who administer it are not liable for any damages related to complications of the “experimental vaccine.”

#12. The “vaccine” should be compared to other therapeutic medications to treat symptoms to determine risk vs. benefits of the drug.


How much will our freedom to choose cost? How much is our health worth? Our children? Our parents? Our friends? $10,000.00? 

Many of us are willing to lose our jobs, our livelihoods, and our healthcare benefits. We have families and some are close to retirement. We stand strong. We stand together. We will win.





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