Calling all Democrats, Left Leaning Liberals, etc. Op Ed

8/06/21  You can watch the Zoom Meeting here.

Today I listened in on a Zoom meeting “Voting in Arizona: Faith, Business, and Legal Perspectives.”  It was suggested that we write an Op Ed as did one of the speakers, Danielle Corbett.  Her Op Ed is: Tucson Opinion: What message is Arizona sending to its voters?  The article is mostly about the conditions in the ‘60s, but in addressing our current situation, nothing about the purpose and reasons for election reform were given.  Her father recently passed and she believes the changes to election laws currently being implemented would have prevented him from voting in last November’s election, had they been in force.  I do not know enough of the specifics to reach such a conclusion.  However, I can tell you that it is not the intent of anyone I’ve worked with to prevent a legal voter from voting or having that vote counted.  On the contrary, election reform seeks to make sure that ALL legal votes are counted and are not canceled by illegal votes.  Hopefully, that is a goal that can be shared by both sides of the political spectrum.  However, if you want illegal votes to count, then we have a big problem!!  If you believe there is a law that might prevent someone like Danielle Corbett’s dad from voting, I am sure the Legislators would like to hear about it.

I wanted to hear that side of the political spectrum and try to understand why they hold to their beliefs.  I came away sad and frustrated.  Sad that even if some of them are honest, none have spent any time looking at the mountains of facts, evidence and conclusive proofs that what they believe is 100% incorrect.  Why would anyone not want to have a look?  Do they really want to be ignorant of all of that data, information, etc.?  Are they afraid that examining such things might change their mind?  If that is the case, that says they know their position is weak at best.

I’m frustrated to know that so many people are being used, mislead and abused in order to achieve a political agenda.  Like I said, I think some of these people are honest, but simply have not had a look for themselves at the mountains of facts, evidence and conclusive proofs.  They simply trust their leaders and Fake News to tell them the truth (a terrible mistake with major consequences).

I am extremely upset with those in today’s meeting that know the truth and are intentionally misleading anyone who will listen to them.  I am not going to go through the list to say which ones I think are honest and which ones I think are dishonest.  However, I will address one case that is so very obvious.  Stephen Richer, with his involvement in the election process, has to know he is intentionally misleading people.  If he said something truthful and honest today about “audits” and elections, I must have missed it.  And, every time I hear him talk, it is the same way.  I hope and pray that every person who has suffered his deception will compare what he has told you to the meticulously documented evidence in the Maricopa County Audit Report when it comes out.  The report will be huge, but is our country worth the time it takes to get to the truth?  Several of the state representatives that came to Arizona to see first hand how this audit was being conducted, where out of the military.  And, several of them said this audit was conducted more tightly than their military experiences in classified situations.  As far as I know, every one of the state representatives that came to tour this audit plan to conduct their own “Arizona Style Audit(s)” back home.

Prior to the release of the Audit Report, it would be a good time to watch the documentary “The Deep Rig.”  The producer of that movie did not vote for President Trump.  So, I think Democrats etc. can also get informed without being offended.  You can watch the trailer here.  You can support and watch the full movie here for free (currently).

To restore integrity to our election process we need: