County Approves Incentives for Vaccinated Team Members

The MCBoS is now spending our tax dollars to bribe people to get injected with a serum that our tax dollars are already paying for.

This board has gone completely rogue!

Please contact them and tell them this is unacceptable.

Here is their contact information:

District 1- Jack Sellers, 602-506-1776

District 2- Steve Chucri, 602-506-7431

District 3- Bill Gates, 602-506-7562

District 4- Clint Hickman, 602-506-7642

District 5- Steve Gallardo, 602-506-7092


Find your district here:

Here is the letter:

Good afternoon, team,


The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved two incentives this morning for COVID-19 vaccinated team members!


Any county employee that is fully vaccinated by Oct. 31 will receive the following:

1.  A $100 incentive as part of an upcoming paycheck (most likely, the incentive will appear on the Nov. 24 paycheck)

2.  A paid day off to use anytime before the end of 2022.


How to get your incentive:

1.  Fill out this form. You will need to supply a clear photo of your vaccination card when submitting the form.


If you have not received your COVID-19 vaccination yet, Maricopa County is making it easier than ever with mobile vaccination units to select locations. There are several mobile vaccination units coming later this month, including three opportunities outside the Administration Building. Step outside, get your shot, wait the 15 minutes to make sure you’re okay, and head back into work.


Please contact AssessorHR with any questions.