“Democrats Like to Say ‘Elections Have Consequences’ – But So Do Crimes” – OAN Host Natalie Harp Destroys Mitch McConnell and Democrats on ‘Crime of the Century’ (VIDEO)

But as Natalie Harp pointed out — What could be worse than letting Americans’ votes be stolen and an illegitimate govt destroy our country?

Natalie Harp:  But you know what?  You failed there, Mitch McConnell, as did every Republican who claims moral supremacy. Because you failed to stop the worst. You failed to stop the very thing that is fundamentally destroying our country. Really, the only thing that matters – Democrats usurping our right to free and fair elections. You know, Democrats like to say, ‘Elections have consequences.” But so do crimes. And the consequences of the crime of the century are what we’re living through now, and what we still have yet to. Record violence, a broken border, inflation, rising gas prices, energy dependence, unemployment, and so much more. So as much as Republicans say they want to stop all this, saying it is futile. Because they could have stopped it in November. But they didn’t. They preferred to stop him and our movement!

Natalie just dropped the hammer on crooked Mitch McConnell.
That was just devastating!