A hopeful way forward (multipart post)

Ep. 3088b – Lion Is Getting Ready To Attack, Ukraine Comes Into Focus, Overthrow Of The US Government

Original video. This has been a very interesting and plausible series (posted in reverse chronological order). If Dave is right, we are already in “Continuity Of Government” (COG) See 8:30 and Derek Johnson “Rattle Trap 1776” on Truth Social (Rumble) and specifically this Truth and prior. www.the1776nation.com, TheDocuments.info.

Lee Fang: 4/28/23 Tweet. 6/07/23 Tweet. Sean Davis: 6/07/23 Tweet. “Treason at the highest level.” DC_Draino: 6/06/23 Tweet.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams May Open His Residence to Migrants — an Offer Never Made to Homeless New Yorkers

More evidence of that fact could happen any day now (going public). As I understand this, it WILL happen before the end of Sept ’23. Is our country ready for this? I know I am.

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Ep. 3087b – Did Schiff Hand Classified Docs To Biden? People Are Waking Up To The [D] Party Con

Original video.

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Ep 3086b – [DS] Is About To Take The Bait, The FBI/DOJ Are In The Crosshairs, The End of An Empire

Original video. The original appears to have an incorrect Ep ID at this time. I will update this video when the original is finalized.

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Ep. 3085b – The Evidence Is Building, Panic In DC, Pain, Justice, Backchannels Are Important,Boom

Original video. 1:04:00 Sonic boom. See WaPo: Owner of the Cessna Aircraft Confirms “Entire Family” was Aboard on the Plane that Crashed in Virginia – Pilot “Passed Out” (multipart post)

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Ep. 3081b – [DS] Pushing [FF] Narrative, Insurrection Act Of 1807, Shot Heard Around The World

Original video. Its the patriots against the [DS] and Demos, but I am being redundant.

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Ep. 3077b – The [DS] Will Cease To Exist When This Is All Over, Obama Is Targeted

Original video.

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Ep. 3075b – [DS] Distraction Failed, 25th In Play, Patriots ILS Approach Looks Good

Original video. Hopefully, we are making progress as this segment presents.

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