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Did you know that many states offer ballots that allow people who register and cannot provide proof of citizenship to vote on federal only ballots? Yes it is true and disgusting to anyone who loves American and the constitution.

Though this article is specific to Arizona it is most likely the same in your state, or worse!

“The federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993 requires states to accept federal voter registration forms, which don’t have a proof-of-citizenship requirement, and the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that Arizona can’t reject those forms, despite the disparity between state and federal law on the issue.”

This means anyone can register to vote and impact the federal election and there is nothing your Secretary of State can do about this!

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It is easy to get involved in canvasing efforts in Arizona. Simply go to ItSmellsFunny.com and sign up. Once your information is vetted someone will reach out to you. Please be aware only those with verifiable information through the teams verifiable data sources will be contacted. 

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Canvassing is the process of validating voter roll data for the following key items:

  • The registered voter lives at address.
  • To identify ghost or phantom voters registered at an address.
  • Validate method used to vote.
  • Validate any relative information is accurate with county elections office.

The process is very simple. Simply obtain the data from your local elections office and work with your local patriots, legislature or if possible elections office to organize a non-intrusive method to ask voters and document the responses.