Georgia Audit Notice Explained by Kandiss Taylor

Dr. Kandiss Taylor demands an audit in GA /

The people of Georgia are demanding a forensic audit.  Dr. Kandiss Taylor has posted a copy of the document that can be  downloaded and mailed to legislators in Georgia.  She has people joining forces by the THOUSANDS! 

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This call to action is spreading.  The people have the power to formally serve notice to their elected legislators to UPHOLD THEIR OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION.  Thousands of notices have already been served.  The people are continue to join forces and legislators are beginning to understand that they must uphold their oath of office.  She’s right!  If you don’t obey the law then you will be held accountable.  Georgia state legislators must likewise obey the law and their oath to the people.  

Arizona stands with you, Georgia!  

We don’t cheat.  We won’t tolerate cheating by others.  

One person, one vote.  That is the law. 

Learn more about Kandiss Taylor at her website.