Google Demonetizes Gateway Pundit 5 Days After Our Interview with Whistleblower Who Exposed Google Censorship of Conservatives

Original article.  It is very important to learn how “people are programed” so you understand how big tech produces people who are thoroughly convinced that the lies they are believing are true.  It is therefore not enough to simple point out false information to those people; we must wake them up to how they are being manipulated and used so they can then be “deprogramed” to become critical thinkers again.  Learn to recognize and oppose “Projection;” a key element of this deception.  This is a critical part of the fight to save our country.  Watch the video interview (41:33) on the previous article linked below.  Thank God for organizations like Gateway Pundit.
By Jim Hoft
Published August 28, 2021 at 7:45 am  111 Comments

Last Sunday The Gateway Pundit interviewed Zach Vorhies who exposed the tech giant’s partisan censorship against conservative websites and voices.

Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies Discusses New Book “Google Leaks” with Gateway Pundit – And Reveals Radical Group Leading Censorship Efforts at Google (VIDEO)

Google censored President Trump for years pushing hit pieces on the 45th President to the top of their search results. Google frequently censored top conservative websites like The Gateway Pundit and just this week news broke that Google-YouTube censored and removed over a million videos on COVID.

On Friday we learned that Google demonetized The Gateway Pundit from their ad network. The Gateway Pundit is one of the top 200 websites in America today.

The Gateway Pundit has an outstanding record of accurately reporting the top news stories of the day.  Because of our continued success and our honest conservative bent we are regularly censored, shadowbanned and banned by the tech giants.  Despite this, our numbers continue to grow year after year.

Of course, The Gateway Pundit is not alone in this latest advertising ban by Google.  We are aware of several top conservative sites that were also banned in the past several weeks from the Google advertising platform.

And for the record, the Google advertising platform is one of the largest ad networks on the internet.  So now Google is not only censoring and shadowbanning conservatives, they are taking away their ad money.

Google is truly one of the most dangerous companies in the world today.

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