House Passes Bill for Investigations of Ballot Signature Mismatches

Mail-In voting just got a shot in the arm for better oversight!

Ballots in Mailbox
Early Ballots / Photo by Jim Small / Arizona Mirror

But one thing in this article is concerning:  Only 1,894 ballots were rejected for signature mismatch.  According to the Maricopa County Voter Education report,  2.1 million early ballots were requested.  

Read the article and decide for yourself.  Let’s hope we get some results from the audit or a canvassing report that can either confirm or refute that number.  It begs for scrutiny!     Read the article from  

Another article from this site titled Mail In Ballots:  Validating Signatures also discusses signatures on ballot envelopes.  The county has the same private company that prints ballots also collect a digital image of voter signatures on returned ballots.  Should a private be entrusted with all this registered voter data?  


Another article on this site “Meet the Canvassers”, chronicles the experiences of canvassers shortly after the election.   Because the 2020 election came in so close, and so many unusual stories were coming out, dozens, perhaps hundreds of concerned activists went out to help voters learn how to cure their ballots.  Those canvassers learned first hand that something felt very wrong about this election.   



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