How to Make Your Vote Count

The following video from TakeCABack will inform you of many of the problems across the country with voter integrity and the reasons there is still major pushes to increase the problems and decrease the integrity.  CA has bigger problems than AZ, even after the “Election Integrity Project” has been working on the problems for 10.5 years.  AZ is brought up many times during the video.  Hopefully, you will see that the only way these problems will be fixed is if more people get involved at a grass roots level to spread the word, get the laws tighten up, be involved as observers, do canvassing to clean up voter roles and always vote in person on election day (the only day that should be legal with a very few exceptions).  That may sound overwhelming to you, but this is about saving our country.  Pick an area and get involved.

BTW, LaRouchePAC, (one of the people on the call and mentioned a few times) is another good grass roots organization.

After listening to this video, please spend some time thinking about what chance your vote will count as you intended without being canceled by one or more illegal votes.  And, consider the unprecedented flood of illegal immigrants who will most likely vote for the party that enabled and greatly assisted their invasion; giving them many benefits US citizens do not get.


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