I am so sorry Alex Jones! Op Ed



At night I enjoy falling to sleep listening to coast to coast and when I awake at night, it puts me back to sleep. I think I have listed to the radio in a small soft pillow speaker since the late ’80s. One night they had a guest, Alex Jones, who had the most bizarre conspiracy ‘stories’ I had ever heard. I believe it was about 1999 when Alex started up  Infowars and since the first time listening to it, I was kind of hooked.

Now I will fully admit that it was more form a pure entertainment perspective though I say I was hooked. Alex consistently reported these wildly bizarre and, frankly, hard to believe conspiracy stories, one world order, satanic world domination. Though the various topics and stories sounded farfetched and presented in the most whack-a-doodle manner, I honestly felt there may have been a tiny thread of potential truth, but it was primarily an exaggeration of rumors.

20 years later, I have gone long periods of not watching Alex and his Infowars, until one day, he was banned from all the mediums he broadcasted and interacted upon. Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and more all banned him. Many broadcast stations also stopped carrying his show due to the pressure of the deep state. Is was this silencing that brought Alex back on my radar.

Alex’s stories and topics really had not changed much. The same doom and gloom over the top presentation, but what was evident to me is how much the topics ring true t life today! Yes, I said Alex’s predictive topics are seeming to be truth. I went through his broadcasts and I would say (this is non-scientific) his predictions are greater than 90% truth! Maybe this is why the dark forces of the world have silenced him?

For years, Alex has warned of the One World Order, the evils of the Bilderberg’s, the satanic worshipers, and those so rich they believe they are best to ‘rule the world’. The sick practice of pedophilia, eugenics, alternate lifestyles as being the accepted norm, communism, energy imprisonment and the fall of America, and the dollar’s value. Honestly, this is a short summary of key topics but Alex has tied many more together and has predicted it would all come to a head at a quicker and quicker pace.

Perhaps if you have not heard of Alex Jones and Infowars, you might be asking yourself what I am talking about. Well, I encourage you to investigate him and his team of videographers/reporters and the accuracy of his topics. Today we live in a time where the fall of America from the country of God’s grace and blessings is a very possible outcome. America’s election systems, like many other countries, are being questioned as reliable. The world is in a state of perpetual lockdowns being driven from fear of a virus that is anything but a pandemic. Conflict among world powers is at a all-time potential high. And social wokeness is valued by society over truth and facts.

Alex, I am so sorry I ever doubted the validity of your reports and predictions. As the world is spinning into complete chaos, where all we once knew as being right and facts is challenged by the weak-minded, self-serving, immoral masses. Alex has been warning us for years yet many like myself kind of chuckled at the potential outcome thinking this could never actually manifest. I am not chuckling now, in fact, my heart is burdened with deep sorrow at the level of turmoil America and the world is facing today.

Alex has often said the enemy is open about what they are doing. He is right, they are telling all but spinning the reasons to benefit the masses. He has encouraged all of us speak the truth, share the truth and be strong in our actions. How many of use have followed his advise?

Alex, again I am so sorry I spent so long not actively challenging those who have stolen our freedoms; but I have long since been awoke. I am working hard to right these many wrongs. I am challenging those who read these words, follow Christ to the bitter end. Challenge anyone who challenges this core belief as their intent is most likely misguided. Do not remain silent for it is in this silence and dark state the enemy thrives.

Alex I stand with you and fight the enemy!