Interview with Michigan Attorney Matt DePerno

Michigan attorney Matt DePerno was interviewed by independent journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

“The court allowed us to collect a forensic image of the Dominion voting system…”

Were court decisions wrong?  Did evidence prove fraud?  The county overturned the results and claimed human error.  So, were claims of human error also proven false?  It is alleged that some precincts and townships were manipulated but  others were not.   Local county prosecutor has not yet opened an investigation.   Similarly, Michigan state attorney, FBI and DOJ should also be investigating the evidence presented in court.  Yet there appears to be no action taken to open investigations. 

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For more details on this court case argued by Mathew DePerno visit his website

Matt DePerno on Twitter
June 11, 2021 Matt DePerno on Twitter

          Visit his website 

New evidence submitted recently, 3500 affidavits to demand Michigan audit    <Watch Here>