Keep AZ Free Summit!

Come Join Us for a FREE Event Celebrating Arizona’s Grassroot WINS & Discussions on Critical Race Theory! Bring Your Friends!

Saturday July 10th, 2021
9 AM – 11 AM
Embassy Suites Hotel of Scottsdale

Save the Date and Register Now! Limited to the first 400 RSVPs!

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This free event will be held on Saturday, July 10th, 2021 from 9 am – 11 am. Registration is at 8:15 am and limited to the first 400 RSVPs. Located at the Embassy Suites Hotel of Scottsdale! Complimentary breakfast will be provided at the hotel (first come first serve) from 8:15 am – 9 am! Discounted room rates are available for purchase, see link below to book your discounted stay! Bring your friends! We hope to see you there!

Summit Event Highlights

A special Keynote Speaker, Chris Rufo, a Critical Race Theory expert, will be joining us to teach us about the dangers of bigoted curriculum in the classrooms!

What Will We Cover In 2 Hours?

  • We will CELEBRATE our Grassroots wins this 2021 Legislative Session
  • We will LEARN about Critical Race Theory from Chris Rufo
  • You will MEET our AZ Free Enterprise Club team.
  • We will RECOGNIZE top Legislators and Activists
  • You will RECEIVE a Grassroots Goodie bag (first 300 registrants)
  • We will break bread TOGETHER over breakfast and strengthen our grassroots community.
  • We will REVEAL the next big projects we will need to take ACTION on to keep AZ FREE!

Event Schedule

Saturday | July 10th 2021
9 AM – 11 AM

Embassy Suites Hotel of Scottsdale

5001 N. Scottsdale Road  |  Scottsdale, Arizona 85250

8:15 am  |  Event Registration

Located in the “Mohave Foyer” room.
Breakfast is provided on a first come first serve basis.

9 am  |  Event Starts / Welcome

Located in the “Mohave I-Kiva III” room.

Moderator & Keynote Speaker


Andrea Kadar


Christopher Rufo

Keynote Speaker
Topic: Critical Race Theory
Click Here for Bio

Meet The Team


Scot Mussi

President & Executive Director

Amiee Yentes

Vice President

Darla Gonzalez

Grassroots Director

Greg Blackie

Deputy Director of Policy

What’s Next?

As we celebrate these amazing Grassroot WINS we take a look at “What’s Next” for Arizona’s future!

Event Closure

Closing Remarks