Mail-In Ballots: Validating Signatures

Mail-In ballots are returned back to the printer.  The printer collects a digital image of the signature before the ballots go to the county to be tabulated.  Should we be concerned about that?

There are almost 2.1 million ballots counted in Maricopa county, the largest republican county in the United States, that somehow, during the wee hours of the night on Nov. 5, 2020 spiked for a democrat lead in the Presidential, senate and sheriff races.  Maricopa County remained republican for most other races, a very curious phenomenon.  

Mail in ballots were cast in record numbers thanks to the covid situation.  Adjudication rates also spiked.  Adjudication happens when a ballot is flagged during the counting process.  Mail in ballots must be signed on the envelope.  Signatures are matched with the county recorder records before the envelope is opened.    

11% Adjudication Rate


Who validates signatures for so many mailed ballots?   Did the process change this year to accommodate the massive increase?  According to  Arizona ABC News15 the printer does the signature validation and is taking digital images returned ballot envelopes.  

Is it common practice for a private company to get permission to collect a digital file of every voter’s signature in Maricopa county?  What security measures were considered in this decision?   Should this be disclosed to voters BEFORE they participate in mail in voting?




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