MCRC RECORDER STEPHEN RICHER: “I didn’t want to be in the spotlight. “


MCRC RECORDER STEPHEN RICHER: I didn’t want to be in the spotlight. Truly. I ran on the platform of making the “Maricopa County Recorder’s Office Boring Again.” I sought to competently, fairly, lawfully, and quietly manage the three duties of this office: public recordings, voter registration, and election administration. To that end, I declined every media opportunity upon taking office on January 4 until May 14, 2021. But I am human. If you prick me, I bleed. And if you consistently defame me and the people in my office, I eventually fight back. And that’s exactly what happened. Beginning on May 14, I started speaking out—on Twitter, on national TV, on local TV, on national radio, on local radio, in published articles, at public hearings, and at public events. I’ve set the record straight about the 2020 election, the hardworking people of Maricopa County, and me.I stand by everything I’ve said over the past three months. But prior to this report, I hadn’t told my full story. If this is self-indulgent, forgive me. I largely agree, but many people have asked me why I’m doing what I’m doing, so here it is… (full letter)

A direct response to Stephen Richer:

To MCRC Recorder, Steven Richer: ( RE: 8-24-21 Briefs) Many of us have read the small novel that you published.  In my opinion, it was a very clever way to publish a handbook for everyone involved to keep their story straight.  After all, it looks really bad when a FOIA request uncovers a bunch of internal emails discussing what story you’re going to tell next and how to run damage control when one person’s statement doesn’t align with every one else’s, but when you disguise it as a PR statement, it looks very innocent and clean.  Now, concerning some of the claims in your document, you state that there was nothing suspicious about the 2020 election, but there has been a grassroots canvassing effort going on for some time now, and they have discovered more than just a couple of isolated “irregularities”.  If you would like to read about a small sampling of those findings, you can do so here:

Furthermore, the canvassing team has issued an open invitation for anyone that would like to go out and observe the process.  As long as you are willing to follow a few simple rules, and remain civil, you can tag along and witness as the results are collected in real time.  [contact info provided here]