Parents are Pushing Back Against Unconstitutional Overreach in Schools

Freedom WatchingParents everywhere are waking up to find that teachers, administrators and elected officials are forcing their political and social belief systems on children and now openly defying the wishes and will of the parents and families.  

School board meetings are becoming a hotbed of push back.  Parents are learning how to send legal notice to those violating our rights.    Forced social emotional learning, aka Critical Race Theory is now everywhere.  Some teachers are quietly finding alternate ways to communicate these radical, divisive concepts by changing the terms used.  Others are more blatant, openly defying the law.

We don’t even talk about standardized testing and the academics, which likely have been in decline.  

Get involved.  Here are some websites for a parent group in the west valley of Phoenix, AZ.  

These parents recently gathered for an affidavit signing and to learn how to give your elected officials notice they are in violation of federal or state constitution, and to help spread the word to busy parents what their kids are being forced to deal with in school.


West Valley Parents Uniting     –

Examples of notices and affidavits they sent, as well as easy instructions   can be found here:  

Affidavit Mamas fbclid=IwAR1wt0d0vQ3B8I88wgcYJFLRyQ0jF9O86ujU7qKM9WJkQSDAePuceio1uf0




Click the image or this link to learn more about notices