Pennsylvania Legislature Sends Delegation to Arizona to Review Ballot Audit Procedures

 | Sundance

One America News (OAN) is on the ground in Arizona reviewing the details of the Maricopa County audit and the processes and procedures.  As the nation keeps an eye on the lengthy audit, OAN is now reporting about a delegation from the Pennsylvania Legislature that has arrived to look over the process

Pennsylvania is one of a handful of states where the election outcome has been questioned due to extremely sketchy results from very specific voting places.  Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania had voting results -based on mail-in ballots- that did not align with other areas throughout the state.

Clark County, Nevada; Fulton County, Georgia; Wayne County, Michigan; Maricopa County, Arizona; and Madison, Wisconsin all followed a very odd pattern of excessive mail-in ballots that did not match the electoral roles.  Fulton County, Georgia (legal battle) and Maricopa County, Arizona are currently in an audit process.


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