Please submit your opinion/remarks in order to promote Election Integrity

At this point, this is about Maricopa County, AZ. However, it would be good for them to hear from the country and especially all of AZ. PLEASE take the time to register your thoughts. As the truth of the 2020 election comes out with even more overwhelming evidence in the coming months, you should be able to understand why we MUST go to paper ballots. The problem is not with the technical side of machine security, but with the hundreds of ways to game a system based on machines. Until integrity can be restored in our election systems, forensic audits will be THE ONLY WAY to guarantee honest and fair elections (WHICH IS AN ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT FOR OUR NATION TO SURVIVE). With a Precinct size of 1,000 or less, the paper ballots can be hand counted the night of ELECTION DAY (not days or weeks). We have learned that a lot of people, including the courts, do not understand the Absolute Proof of election fraud shown in cyber data or the mathematical impossibilities proven in the analysis of the numbers. Everyone can understand the forensic analysis of paper ballots. So, please let them know that we need precincts of 1,000 or less. The form is here:

Precinct Sizes gone WILD – NO NO NO!

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