Recall Cry Baby Newsom – Build Our Nation!

 Source: LaRouchePAC, Monday, August 16, 2021

Too much is at stake for the future of our Sovereign Republic and our state! Why are the Democrats, Silicon Valley, the British financial Empire, and Wall Street all lined up behind Cry Baby Gruesome Newsom? Why are Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and Willie Brown throwing all their efforts in to save Cry Baby Newsom?

They know if Newsom is recalled, they will have lost a major grip on their control of the whole United States of America. Their policies have led to the murders that Newsom has carried out whether it be in forcing COVID patients into nursing homes, or destroying small businesses with his COVID lockdown policy, or the murder of minds of school children with both his COVID policies and mandates, as well as his pushing Critical Race Theory, and on top of all that a completely failed education curriculum. Add to that Newsom failures in dealing with record fires, water needs to deal with the drought and shutting down our food production.

Reflect on what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have just done in Afghanistan in letting the Taliban take over. During our 20 years in Afghanistan we lost thousands of soldiers lives, many other wounded for life, and 60,000 suicides of American Service Men and Women. As well as the lives of the Afghanistan population. President Trump had an actual plan for bringing our troops home from this outrageously long war, which would have opened the doors to peace and cooperation in the region.

These same political networks that stole the election for Biden, are now attempting to steal the election for Cry Baby Gruesome Newsom. President Trump won the 2020 election, and we need to win this recall. Mobilize all your friends, neighbors and everyone in your reach to stop the steal of this recall. Spread the word, put a spotlight on their attempt to steal the recall for Newsom with their mail in ballots, drop boxes, and remote voting starting now. Circulate our bulletins everywhere! Catch them in their criminal activity, before they can carry out this treasonous action of stealing the recall election. 

RECALL NEWSOM NOW! Go to the polls and vote in person. Do not vote by mail or remote voting at home.

Let us rebuild California and our nation with the American System economic platforms of Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon LaRouche.

As the great poet Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote in his poem the “Mask of Anarchy”:

“Rise like Lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number,

           Shake your chains to earth like dew

       Which in sleep had fallen on you-

Ye are many, they are few.”

Donate to help us spread the word to stop the steal, and win the recall. Future generations are depending on us!


Mindy Pechenuk

LaRouchePAC West

Here is an example article from the funny papers on Pelosi’s position:  Pelosi to California Democrats: Don’t run in Newsom recall.