Rep. Matt Gaetz Implies that Our Own Government Was Behind Jan. 6 False Flag — Demands Release of 14,000 hrs. of Hidden Video (VIDEO)

Original article.  Has anyone identified Trump Protesters dressed in all black?  Hum…  This is why Pelosi is being very selective in choosing who will be on the Jan 6 investigation team.  She wants those who will support her narrative.  Otherwise, the truth might come out.
By Jim Hoft
Published July 30, 2021 at 8:48 am  1843 Comments

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) took to the House floor (without a mask) and implied that our own government was behind the Jan. 6 false flag attacks on the US Capitol.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: “…the 14,000 hours of tape could also show us who was animating that violence. Whether they were connected in any way, directed any way – by federal agencies. It raises great suspicion that we are unable to get access to this information as members of Congress.”

Of course, Matt Gaetz is on to something.

Video released by Bobby Powell showed violent hoodlums in all black smashing windows, damaging the US Capitol — but Wray FBI refuses to look for them.

And Black-clad goons were also the first ones up the steps to smash windows at the US Capitol that day.

This was a setup.

NEW VIDEO: Black-Clad Hoodlums Were First Up the Stairs, First to Smash Windows at US Capitol — But FBI Refuses to Look for Them – Weird, Huh?

Within this video, see the MUST WATCH video that Bobby Powell gave the FBI:

Via The Storm Has Arrived (Telegram link):

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