Stop the Border Crisis Call to Action!

Patriots we need your help today!! Let me first say please share this all over for this is not just a Arizona citizen call to action and it takes very little effort.

Help by downloading these two notices, sign them, scan or take a picture of it and send back to them at before Friday June 25th!

Please complete both notices: is about:


To bring awareness to the American Citizens of the Power our Forefathers granted to us in the US Constitution and how to use it against the tyranny WE THE PEOPLE are experiencing.


We the People and citizens of Arizona demand strict enforcement of our immigration laws that protect the citizens and legal residence of Arizona, protect American jobs, save billions that we spend to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens, and the lives and injury caused to Americans daily, and we recognize the inherent authority of the Sovereign state of Arizona as provided in the U.S. Constitution and the Constitutional right of the people to expect protection from those who break our laws.