TGP’s Jordan Conradson Joins Alex Jones to Talk About the Arizona Audit Hearing (Video)

Original article.  You have to hear this video!
By Jordan Conradson
Published July 18, 2021 at 8:50pm 106 Comments

The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson joined Alex Jones on Infowars to discuss the HUGE findings presented at the Arizona audit hearing.

On Friday morning, Info Wars brought TGP’s Jordan Conradson on to talk about Maricopa County’s noncompliance with the Arizona Senate.

It appears that they are hiding something.

On Wednesday, audit officials displayed their current findings from the audit and requested more information from the County. They found 74,243 mail-in ballots with NO clear record of them ever being sent, 168,000 ballots were incorrectly printed, 11,000 voters were added to the voter rolls AFTER the election, and more. The difference in the total counted ballots and the certified total still holds a big difference and we should have results by the end of this month.

Maricopa County provided no answers to the questions presented at the hearing, only accusations.

The county officials still refuse to comply with the Arizona Senate and we should expect indictments.


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