The Youtube Video with Liz That Got 2 Million Views Before They BANNED IT!

Doug Tenaple in Exile posted this video on Youtube and it GOT TWO MILLION VIEWS before it was taken down

So here it is from another site, Odysee!


In Late December 2020, Doug posted clips of this interview with Liz Harris on his popular youtube channel.  She spoke of the binders of documents collected by her 800 volunteer canvassers that was being compiled, indexed and later would be submitted to multiple court cases.  The early data was compiled into a report that can be found here on under the canvassers page.  

This was ACTUAL EVIDENCE intended to be presented in court. 

Those court cases, shockingly, have yet to be heard, but may have helped convince the Arizona senate to take action.  They conducted an historic, forensic audit of Maricopa County 2020 election ballots.


THE MAINSTREAM / SOCIAL MEDIA IS CENSORING any suggestion of election or voter FRAUD,  regardless of how much evidence there is to support it.    

We have it here for you to watch!  Enjoy!  



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