“This Cannot Be Allowed to Stand” – State Rep. Mark Finchem Calls for Action by State Legislature after Earth-Shattering Arizona Audit Hearing (Video)

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By Jordan Conradson
Published July 20, 2021 at 7:29am 306 Comments

Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem is standing up and calling for action by the Arizona Legislature after the earth-shattering Arizona Senate audit hearing last week.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has been leading the call to action, fighting to recall these fraudulent electors and trash the fraud voting machines.

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Mark Finchem: They did not have control of the election system and I’m really glad that State Senator Warren Petersen, who is the chairman of the Judiciary, really focused in on that point that the officials at Dominion had a greater level of access than the election officials. That can never happen again. Because what that means is, the election officials that we’ve elected, that are representatives of the people had the potential To be overwritten by somebody with a higher level of administrative authority within That election system. And I think that that’s, that is beyond the pale.

We did not control this election, a private concern did. And we’ve already seen evidence, not just in Arizona, but across the country where Dominion voting machines, the Dominion equipment, not only had NIC cards, which are network interface cards but also had chipsets that enable Bluetooth communications with these devices. Now, one of the things that I found interesting is okay, we’ve been told repeatedly that there was no access to the internet. Well, if that’s the case, then why would you need to update anti-virus software? I can understand that you know, you would do that just before an election, where you would plug probably a jump drive in to update for that particular election. But even that software has to be audited before it’s introduced into the system to see to it that there is no nefarious code in it. And it just this, the hearing yesterday, points to me, or leads me to believe that this election is so compromised is is so inaccurate, that I can’t in good conscience continue to support them. In fact, I’ve had serious questions not in support of this election for quite some time. But I think the legislature is probably going to have to take action of some kind. I agree with Senator Rogers this cannot be allowed to stand.

Greg Stephens: 74,243 mail-in ballots with no clear record that the ballot was ever said that all of these numbers add up to a large amount of votes.

Mark Finchem: That is probably one of the most stunning revelations. If there was no record of a ballot being mailed out, How can there be a ballot mailed in? And you know, I’ve been working With some of my colleagues on a project called the Arizona Ballot Integrity Project that will Put a watermark on specific paper and have some fraud countermeasures built into the ballot paper itself, and next year we will likely mandate the use of this paper so that we can’t just have off the shelf paper because the ballot paper is supposed to have a coating on it that will not permit bleed-through. Well, clearly that procedural element was not followed.

Mark Finchem is running for Arizona Secretary of State with election integrity at the top of his agenda. Visit his website and donate today! VoteFinchem.com

His team is already working to secure our elections in Arizona, introducing a new watermarked ballot with other fraud countermeasures built-in.

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Mark Finchem has shown us that he is the best State Representative in the country and he is doing it for the people.

Finchem and Rogers are leading the way and have been since day one.

This election had proven errors. The State Legislature has plenary, or absolute power over their electors and State Elections.

If a crime is proven, the Arizona Senate must decertify immediately!


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