Today’s Canvass Story

Barbara and Corky have become good friends these last several months volunteering together. Here is an overview of the conversation they just had with a resident.  Most folks have no idea that extra people are registered to vote at their address.  When we stop by and ask about ALL the voters we see at their address they usually get very interested.

At this time, Maricopa County recorder office will only talk to you about YOU.  When we contacted them, they would NOT tell us if other names are registered at our address.  You may be able to check your address with your precinct person for one of the political parties.  Voter information can be purchased by political parties.  

After interviewing the resident, here is what the canvassers said:

Corky:  “She was so thankful.  She was thankful we were doing this” (canvassing).

“She wants to get it straightened out so she knows her vote will count.”

Barbara:  “In fact on this one here we had seven people on this list” (registered to vote at this address).  “Two were duplicates.  One they do not know who this person is, two moved to Ohio two years ago and the two owners who currently live here” (the current residents were the only two lawfully registered at this address).  

It is also unknown why so many ballots are mailed to an address where the voter is unknown or no longer lives.  We feel this should be investigated.  Would you want to know if extra ballots with your name and voter information is going out to other addresses?



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