WATCH: AZ State Representative Mark Finchem On Decertification in Arizona – “The Only Thing That We Have Left Is A Parliamentary Tool Where We Force The Resolution To The Floor”

Original article.  This is embarrassing!  With mountains of evidence of corruption.  With Rep Mark Finchem’s lawyers and documentation saying that it is legal to recall the Electors.  And, without offering one shred of evidence, House Speaker Rusty Bowers claims it is “obviously unconstitutional and profoundly unwise”?  Correcting a major mistake like this is not only profoundly wise, but absolutely necessary!!  Speaker Bowers response sounds like maladministration to me.  At this point, no one could be that ignorant of the mountains of evidence except willingly ignorant and listening to Fake News.

I have heard of other people who are ignorant of the mountains of evidence.  So, I have begun to pull together pieces so they can see and learn on there own.  I named the post: “New to the Crime of the Century issue?”  I have much more to add to it, so keep checking back.

Please contact every member of the House and Senate, let them know what you think of this circus and demand a public legal debate between knowledgeable lawyers to resolve this embarrassing, ridiculous, disagreement so that they can carry out We The People’s demand for decertification.  Rep Mark Finchem even says he has people willing to pay for that debate if it comes to that.  Why can’t they do their job?
By Jordan Conradson
Published February 23, 2022 at 6:10 pm  223 Comments


Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room today to give updates on his push to decertify Arizona’s fraudulent 2020 election.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Finchem introduced HCR2033 to set aside and decertify three county elections in Arizona.

House Speaker Rusty Bowers immediately opposed decertification, saying it was “obviously unconstitutional and profoundly unwise.” 

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Bowers later sent an email to his constituents dismissing the countless elections law violations resulting in hundreds of thousands of illegally counted ballots and saying there was no proof of fraud.

Evidence continues to be discovered each day. The Gateway Pundit recently reported that another investigation in Maricopa County, Arizona found 740,000 ballots lacking chain of custody documentation.

Rusty Bowers’ email to constituents:

From: Russell Bowers <>
To: Constituent
Date: 02/20/2022
Subject: RE: To Az Representatives

Dear constituent,
15 months those who cried foul wanted an audit.
I was a witness to two of the four audits during and immediately after the election performed by Maricopa County, and  from all that they have reviewed they have issued a report, both of their own, and concerning the accusations leveled against them by the Cyber Ninjas, who have now refused to comply with Court Orders to produce their documents but were very quick in producing accusations apart from the count report done for the Senate (which count was done by chiefly republican volunteers over a passage of months) which I beleive found that Biden won by a larger margin than that which the county had concluded. I have no knowledge of Pima county and the “Republican, Democrat, and Independent/Parties not determined” volunteers who manned the voting centers and precincts etc. there in Pima, as happened in other counties.  Maricopa County has published a report which took them months to produce replying to every allegation from the Cyber Ninjas. It is extremely comprehensive, and even found, I believe, by reviewing films of the counting that one stack of 50 ballots was counted twice due to the error of a tired worker – a human. There were some 27 or so ballots that were cast by someone other than the person named on the envelope, and those names were sent to the Attorney General for prosecution. Other diminimus questions were also addressed.
I have staunchly asked for proof of the ongoing allegations even up to last week of a reputed former Trump lawyer who apparently works closely with Mr. Finchem. I asked for proof of the allegations that several thousand dead people voted, many thousands of illegal citizens voted,  more thousands of people voted in more than one county, and even more thousands voted and moved residence thereafter…(which isn’t a crime by the way). I was immediately deluged with thousands of calls and emails questioning why I would dare ask for proof when it was so obvious!!!???
I am supposed to decertify an election that elected Mr. Finchem as well as Mr. Biden…without reviewing the names of all these lawbreaking people or how they voted…??
So, it was wonderful to receive the “proof” placed on my desk! I looked through it hoping to find names of the above mentioned scofflaws…and what did I find?
One legal paper that Mr. Finchem had prepared on the subject of legislative plenary power, I believe for his legal studies program.
Three letters supporting the idea that the legislature could try to do it, and might be successful. I have talked to the authors – two lawyers – who both said you could try it and let the courts decide whether it was constitutional.
One transcript of an apparent interview with Congressman Biggs on the subject – who did vote to decertify the election results of the 2020 election from ballots cast by 3.3 plus million Arizonans.
One transcript of a committee hearing in Washington (I believe),  AND…
About one hundred copies of forms used in the processing of ballots  from somewhere, someplace, sometime which were filled or used whenever a ballot container was opened. They contain apparent tracking numbers associated with groups of ballots. It has no associated explanation, but it is the TRUE PROOF that was produced for me, with a daily flurry of accompanying emails from the friends of some candidate that must have reported the delivery of the proof…by a staff member of the House I presume.
That’s it! There is my proof of the existence of thousands and thousands of law breakers above mentioned.  I was as impressed with it as I was with Mr. Giulianni who promised the same proof and gave me even less, as well as others throughout the last year who have screamed, and threatened, and picketed and harrassed me and others for not accepting these obvious proofs.
I did not take an oath to the Peoples Republic of China. I took it to the United States Constitution , and the Constitution and laws of the State of Arizona. I am not sorry that I can’t do more until I receive more than this so called “evidence”, but it is enough for many .
Just not me.
Best wishes and thank you for your kindness.
Rusty Bowers

Rep. Finchem appeared on Bannon’s war room to tell us what’s next.

Bannon: The evidence is so overwhelming. What is going on with the decertification process in the great state of Arizona?

Finchem: I introduced House Concurrent Resolution 2033. People can go and look at it online. You can go to, click on news, and they’ll see the full resolution. The Speaker of the House is refusing to hear it. And he is making claims that it’s unconstitutional. So I’ve challenged that notion to a public debate. We’ve got our constitutional scholars, we’ve got our lawyers who are on the pro side. I’m waiting to see the con side and so far nobody stepped up. In fact, we’ve got people that are willing to pay for a public debate on this matter because it is so important. I don’t think it’s going to happen. So the only thing that we have left is a parliamentary tool where we force the resolution to the floor and we force a vote.

Bannon: And when can people anticipate that?

Finchem: That’s got to be a surprise.

Bannon: One last question. Rusty Bowers you’re saying he just got a big pile of the information. You’re saying after he saw the information, he said it’s unconstitutional, we’re not going to do this I want to make sure your belief is he’s had a chance to review the information and that’s when he came back and said, Hey, sorry, not sorry.

Finchem: I’ve gotten emails from constituents who are saying this is what Rusty Bowers told me about the stack of information that that you dropped on his desk. And he’s claiming that he had hoped to see names of the villains, and all that and he’s writing to these constituents saying there’s there’s no evidence there, and that the move is unconstitutional. What I’ve invited everybody who is sending those emails to me to do, come to the house and I will show you the evidence, don’t take his word for it. I’ll show you the evidence come down and inspect it and then you can formulate an opinion for yourself.

Contact Rusty Bowers and Arizona legislators to strongly encourage their support for decertification.

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