WATCH: Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole – Experimental COVID-19 Jabs Are a “Poisonous Attack on Our Population”

ByPaul Rick

 AUG 17, 2021

Trust the science.

Listen to the doctors.

That’s what the left preaches, right?

We’re going to take their advice and hear what a doctor has to say about these experimental COVID-19 injections.

Dr. Ryan Cole, M.D. is a board certified anatomic pathologist.

Dr. Cole spoke at the White Coat Summit hosted by America’s Frontline Doctors.

Check out his presentation on what the experimental jabs are doing to the human body.


You can also watch Dr. Cole’s presentation on Rumble.



Here’s some extra footage from Dr. Cole explaining what the experimental jabs do to your natural immune system:

Will the left take their own advice?

Will they trust the science?

Will they listen to the doctors?

And not Fraudci’s pseudo-science.