When Will Covid Crisis End? Why Is Government Pushing Fake Science?

It’s been over a year.  Where are the double blind mask and vaccine studies?  Where is the ‘compared to the control group’ studies?  What conditions should exempt people from getting this shot because it might cause more harm than good?

Social media for many towns, cities, hospitals and schools encourage people to get ‘vaccinated’?  Some claim unvaccinated people are CAUSING the ‘responsibly vaccinated’ to become infected, or unmasked people are spreading disease to those who are responsibly masked.  Dissenting medical voices finding successful treatments in the field are being shut down in the name of ‘misinformation’.  DO THEY HEAR THEMSELVES?   When does this ‘crisis’ end?  

Vaccine Injuries: No Recourse in Court

This is where you can report vaccine problems. 

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System:     https://vaers.hhs.gov

A 1986 law protects vaccine manufacturers and doctors from lawsuits   https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2011/02/22/133964322/supreme-court-upholds-liability-shield-for-vaccine-makers

Contrary Voices in the Medical Community

Medical professionals who want to use simple treatments are being threatened.  One story of a covid patient was told by his primary care physician he could not prescribe hydroxy chloroquine or he might lose his license.   America’s Frontline Doctors have been pressured and censored from many popular social media sites. 

WHO Whistleblower Talks Medical Ethics and Science:    



America’s Frontline Doctors website:      https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org