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Below is a summary of what was experienced by an every day citizen as she ran into the most unbelievable evidence regarding voter fraud. She has filed a Supreme Court Case with the US Supreme Court. See Supreme Court Documents for the data leading up to this. This page will be evolving as more evidence gets posted. There is significant irony in this story. Staci is a single mom, struggling, with a life-threatening illness. Staci did not go searching for fraud. From the first phone call from the witnesses at the Phoenix airport, like Marco, to the calls from John Shattuck and Jim Penrose, or Scott Koch and Sean Wilson, and the men like Jimmy Kang, who hacked Staci’s security system, they came to her. Staci did not go to the airport. She did not leave her home to dig for information. While Staci is tenacious and driven to uncover truth, the case of election fraud is not something she sought. She was busy in school and spending time with grandkids. Staci did not reach out to anyone to get information. Everyone came to her. When Staci was given information about South Korean Plane HL8230 offloading ballots after the election, she called Sheriff Lamb and reported it, like she should have done. A day later, John Shattuck contacted her offering her security. Staci did not request that her security system be hacked. She did not request people break into her house. She did not request to be followed by SUVs on the road. She did not request death threats on herself or her family. She did not request offers for bribes to silence her right to free speech. All of this happened because people came to her house. What information she did gather, came as she remained in her house. Staci did not want her phone to be taken or to suffer the consequences of other people’s criminal behavior. She did not leave her home until she was driven from her home by people making threats. And those threats are not just threats to her. As it turns out they are threats to all the residents of Arizona and the Nation. This site will continue to evolve as conversations with top officials, legal, political and others will start to give a clear picture of exactly how this unfolded. This is Staci Burk’s story as described on a trip to the Police in her town. The events that transpired for Staci after the initial call from the first whistleblower has led her to be certain on her path to do her part to expose this to the world. As we follow her case through the Supreme Court we will pray for her continued safety.
  Scott Koch Confession: HOW THE FRAUD HAPPENED AND WHY  
Seattle Whistleblower: A whistleblower contacted the petitioner through a friend in her pulmonary hypertension community. This Whistleblower is a Supervisor at a Seattle FedEx airport facility and has worked at the facility for six years. With a desire to remain anonymous if possible, she wanted to report what she witnessed in time for authorities to access the facility’s video recordings and data logs. She had not been successful in making contact with local Federal authorities. The Whistleblower reported that more than a thousand pounds of a suspicious shipment, labeled as election mail ballots in canvas bags, came through in what she described as a “ghost shipment.” A ghost shipment meant that when scanned, it “triple beeped,” showing it was not properly processed through the U.S. Postal Service or tracked through the process. This shipment arrived on an unscheduled truck after a suspicious man had been in the secure area inquiring about ballots. She confirmed her local processing facility does not directly process or receive international mail or military ballots. Those are processed or transferred in aseparate area on the tarmac and do not come through her facility. The Whistleblower’s Seattle FedEx facility shares a tarmac area with the dock for Hanjin Global. Hanjin Global owns South Korean Air Cargo (Appendix T, pp1031 in Full Exhibit file on Case page). Routine FedEx policy is to keep the mail moving regardless of tracking status. Therefore, Whistleblower instructed her staff to quickly load the suspicious ballots onto the flight bound for the FedEx Memphis, Tennessee hub. The questionable ballots came through starting November 5, 2020 and continued to move through her facility on a daily basis for another week. The ballots were dropped off by unscheduled trucks and once by a private vehicle. Whistleblower reported that once mail arrives at Memphis from her facility, the cargo is then transferred to an outside private ground semi-truck carrier on the tarmac, usually Matheson Postal Services final destination to areas such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, and the Carolinas. Confession Affidavit Completed The PLANES: On November 7, 2020, an aide to an outspoken, well-known Democrat supporter (who wished to stay anonymous because his children were later threatened), gave a tip to a journalist Ryan Hartwig, that a South Korean airplane carrying illegal ballots had arrived at Sky Harbor Airport on November 5 and had been unloaded. The plane came from Seoul, South Korea, bypassing customs on specific order from the Department of Homeland Security (Appendix T, pp 1041). Upon information and belief, all routine customs restrictions on certain planes had been lifted so COVID-related PPE could be expeditiously transported. Although this aide was reporting the tip on the 7th, he said the plane that brought the illegal ballots on November 5, 2020, was still at Sky Harbor airport and would be leaving that night for Seattle, Washington. That night on the 7th, several individuals, including journalist Ryan Hartwig (former Project Veritas Facebook content moderator whistleblower), Tom Van Flein (congressman Gosar’s chief of staff), Josh Barnett (District 7 congressional candidate), Marko Trickovic, and others, went to the airport (Appendix T, pp1037 and 1038). They recorded the plane’s video, capturing the tail number and several individuals loading cargo onto the aircraft. Josh Barnett and another witness followed the men from the tarmac to their house and recorded the address. While still at the airport on the 7th, Marko Trickovic contacted Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb to report the suspicious plane and let him know there was video evidence. Trickovic later told Lamb that the video of the aircraft was given to Petitioner, and she had positively identified one of the men on the tarmac and ran a criminal background check on him, which included narcotics and weapons charges (Appendix T, pp 1034). Trickovic was contacted by a man named John Shattuck and he was put in touch with Petitioner. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT: Sheriff Mark Lamb is a close associate of both Scott Koch (much more on him later…recognize the name? Koch family member) and Shawn Wilson, owner of Mayhem Security Solutions, an international security company that does contract work for the Department of Defense (“DOD”) under Homeland Security (Appendix T, pp 1040). Shawn Wilson confirmed that Scott Koch is credible, does have DOD “security clearance” to access planes at the airport, and was a former Sheriff’s deputy. Shawn Wilson, Scott Koch, and Tim Foley, and Mark Lamb, work closely with the Department of Homeland Security doing reconnaissance work with cartels and child sex trafficking at the Mexican border. Wilson confirmed Koch is also a pilot and flies helicopters and planes listed in “trusts” or chartered planes as part of their border reconnaissance work. John Shattuck told Petitioner that he is in frequent communication with Pentagon officials and acts as a liaison between the Department of Defense and the border reconnaissance group that Wilson is involved with. Wilson and Kochs associations and professional ties with law enforcement and top level government officials also confirm the reliability of Koch’s statements. After providing video evidence of the plane and photos of the ballots taken at the FedEx facility to Mark Lamb, Wilson and Koch were told that Petitioner had “video recordings of guys on the tarmac with the plane,” had “identified at least one of the guys on the tarmac,” and had a “whistleblower at FedEx with photos and security camera evidence.” CONFESSION:
Scott Koch then sought out Petitioner to meet with her in person to discuss her “security.” He mentioned he was aware of her involvement and the plane. Petitioner agreed to meet with Koch. An associate of both Trickovic and Koch, told Petitioner that Koch was a member of the Koch family and worked for the Department of Defense (“DOD”). When arranging to meet with Petitioner, Koch erroneously believed Petitioner had video evidence implicating him and his associates in their criminal activity at the plane. He thought Petitioners Whistleblower worked at the Phoenix FedEx and either witnessed or had surveillance video of him and his guys taking the illegal ballots to the Phoenix FedEx (MOST WERE HEADING TO NEVADA), as well as to the Maricopa County Election Center. Upon meeting with Koch, operating on the belief Petitioner already knew about his criminal involvement in the election rigging, he confessed that he and “his guys” provided security services as illegal ballots were removed from a plane, which were sent to Nevada via FedEx and U.S.P.S., while the remainder were then transported to the Maricopa County ballot tabulation center and inserted into the election. (Petitioner audio recorded this conversation on her phone. See partial transcript Appendix Q. Full recording is available, above is only an excerpt). Verification of who Scott Koch is (According to Shawn Wilson):
Shawn Wilson Confirmed Scott’s credibility
Scott Koch discusses working for DOD direct and as a contractor
Scott Koch maybe used to work at CIA? Hmmmm….
**Note several eyewitnesses present at the Maricopa County Election center positively identified Scott Koch and Shawn Wilson at the ballot tabulation center “behind the secure line” while ballots were being received and counted (Appendix R). Affidavit available as many people witnessed this. Petitioner’s home security system captured Koch at her home and the metadata from her audio recording corroborates it was Koch who confessed during the lengthy conversation in which he outlined details of the fraud scheme along with others’ involvement and motive. He explained the illegal ballots rigged the election in Biden’s favor. During Petitioner’s conversation with Koch on November 16, 2020, Koch asserted the plane, from which he and his team unloaded the illegal ballots was in the care of the Arizona National Guard. He indicated the plane was still at the Phoenix Sky Harbor National Guard and would be departing that Thursday, November 19th. At all relevant times, Respondent Governor Doug Ducey controlled the Arizona National Guard planes. Koch asserted the South Korean Cargo plane was owned by the United Arab Emirates. A private investigator confirmed that the UAE Express had leased the South Korean Air cargo plane. Koch claimed that 419,000 Koch asserted illegal ballots were delivered nationwide via multiple planes. Did he know something the rest of the world didn’t know???? How did he predict this…. During Petitioner’s recorded conversation time stamped on November 16, 2020, Koch said that nobody can stop the election rigging because “those [elite] families with power and money controlling this are capable of ruining Trump financially.” He stated that Trump’s loans with Deutsche Bank would be called due if he did not comply. On January 9, 2021, Deutsche Bank announced it was severing ties with Trump due to his involvement in the January 6, 2021, events at the Capitol. Followup from Scott Koch prior to Security Team arriving to protect Staci Staci had several followup calls with Koch before realizing he was being recorded. Below are some of the excerpts with some shocking details. There is a lot more audio available but here is some… many people all over the world have this info and more and trying to get it organized.
No one can stop this according to Koch
Scott Koch says they are all in on it
Scott Koch issues warning…they know who and where you are…and where your family is
Scott Koch talks planes, National Guard, and more
Scott Koch talks Nothing anyone can do and change of topic to different intel BLM
Scott Koch on election fraud – nothing new
Koch alleged with the power of the government faction behind it, using its justification of the need for “national security,” there would be an intelligence-gathering effort to uncover who has direct knowledge of the fraud in order to neutralize that information. Koch said if Americans knew their votes didn’t count, and those elites with money and power controlled elections on both sides of the aisle, it would result in mass public outrage and instability. He emphasized that damage control was necessary for national security. Koch said after gathering intelligence, those powers will modify and neutralize the records so that “national security” could be maintained. Koch stated that those in power will continue to get away with election rigging because they have power and resources to alter government records and ensure they will not get caught. Koch said the Petitioner gathered evidence that “could not be changed,” and that is dangerous. Koch threatened if Petitioner did not stop and look the other way, she would be killed in a car accident or staged suicide, arrested on false charges, or discredited in some other way. Koch said the “businessmen” directing him and others were very powerful and capable of carrying out the threats. Koch warned he worked for the DOD on behalf of a “faction” of the U.S. government who believed they were doing what was right in running illegal ballots and they wanted Trump out because he did not “play fair.” Koch said, “to get away with a fraud; one has to expose a fraud.” He said those in power will admit to and present evidence of fraud in a controlled way so that everyone will agree there was fraud, but it was just not enough to overturn the election. Koch asserted the Courts will support the narrative as this will be part of the plan to calm the people. Koch asserted on audio recording that the U.S. Supreme Court is “not an unbiased third party” and will “go along with it [the plan].”