Who Are These People? Missouri ‘Republicans’ Are Now Pushing New Election Rules that Authorize Drop Boxes and Allow for 6 Weeks of Early Voting

Original article.  So, they blatantly plan to expand the corruption of their elections.  Do I have that right?  Can we disqualify this state from national elections?
By Jim Hoft
Published February 23, 2022 at 8:09 pm  358 Comments


It is abundantly clear that certain RINO Missouri Senators and Representatives want to increase the vulnerabilities in our election system versus reducing them.

The most glaring example is SB633 which was introduced today.

While this bill does have two items on our wish list which is hand marked paper ballot language and photo ID, it contains some other extremely problematic language.

Security should not be thrown away in exchange for convenience.

Interestingly at the hearing on SB633 today the head of The Missouri Clerk’s Association and the Greene County clerk, Shane Schoeller, suggested that the hand-marked paper ballot language be changed to allow ballot marking devices to be used by all voters.  This again subjects MO voters to having software placed between them and their vote. You can’t hack a number 2 pencil or pen.

The following are the problems with this SB633:

1. Authorizes drop boxes by the election authority. This would be the first entry into MO statute of election drop boxes. Drop boxes break the chain of custody needed for secure elections amongst other issues.

2. Allows for 6 weeks early voting. This provides a very significant increase in election vulnerability because for six weeks the office polling location may have a live tabulator. Not just for one day at the election day polling place, but for 42 days there would be a live tabulator running!! What happens if this tabulator is fed ballots when someone can not man the tabulator, even momentarily? Even if someone gets wise to it, how would they be able to correct it.

HB2113 and HB2140 are also bad pieces of legislation that allow for drop boxes, cross-boundary address change up to and including Election Day (allows for the possibility of voting in more than one county), additional or “designated” polling places (unclear and increases chance of fraud), and no excuse early voting.

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