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Current COVID-19 Research:

  1. Why is there concern about the COVID-19 vaccine?

The COVID-19 vaccines are experimental vaccines. It takes years to be sure something new is safe.

  1. The first post vaccine autopsy was performed after 11,045 deaths. Billions of dollars have been spent on funding advertising the COVID-19 shots for children. Where is the funding for researching effects of the vaccine?
  2. The COVID-19 experimental vaccine produces a spike protein that we originally were told remained in the deltoid of the individual. Now we know the spike protein circulates in the blood and lands in organs. The experimental vaccine causes inflammation in heart, kidneys, lungs, liver and will cross the blood brain barrier.

The EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE is the TOXIN invading our bodies, attacking our own immune systems, and causing inflammation.

For example:

Myocarditis has increased 200x in society since the experimental vaccines began. As you know, myocardial cells do not recover. They are scarred forever. Why would we mandate a toxin to society? Or to children?

These experimental vaccines dysregulate our immune response and are increasing other latent viruses in our bodies.

They decrease immune markers that, as you know fight disease including cancer.

Have you witnessed increases in Herpes viruses? HPV? Mononucleosis?

Pathologists who have years of data, have witnessed an uptick in Uterine Cancers in the lab during the past 6 months.

What will it take to get you involved to protect the colleagues you work with? The nurses, medical assistants, receptionists, housekeepers, OR techs, Rad Techs, Dieticians, and others?

We need your help! Stand with us! Don’t let us down!

Tell the Healthcare Organizations to stand down!

You must act today!

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