What happened in the 2020 Election? And what is continuing to happen today!

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This website tells the ‘people’s story’ of the 2020 Election and how the people of Arizona took a stand for election integrity.   Founded by Liz Harris, Election Integrity Project has thousands of grassroots volunteers working behind the scenes or going door to door to verify the voter rolls. Liz has achieved one of her goals:  

  • To conduct a true audit of every paper ballot cast in the election.
    • This is NOT another recount.  A recount simply counts all the ballots.
    • An audit that identifies counterfeit or illegal ballots and removes them.

Additionally Liz and her team strive to:

  • To restore faith in the election process
  • To ensure our rights and freedoms are not infringed upon    

Liz has inspired other counties, states  and their citizens nationwide to begin their own audit process. Our movement is growing and we are gaining attention worldwide.  Election Integrity is guaranteed by the US Constitution. Free and fair elections is a fundamental right in a free society.  But something smells funny. We must restore confidence in our elections.

The weeks following the election voters  expressed concerns about their voting experience. 

  • Liz took action assembling a team of experts.
  • Obtaining a fresh copy of the voter database was purchased and analyzed.
  • Volunteers went door to door to verify the rolls and document what current residents told them about their voting experience.

After finding several issues, others started coming forward with their experiences and concerns.  Before long Liz assembled thousands of concerned volunteers working to verify the voter rolls, analyze the database and collect evidence.  After turning the findings over to the courts and other authorities, Liz set her sights on an audit, not another recount.  That is where we are today. We are in full swing of an audit of all 2.1 million ballots cast in the 2020 general election.