2020 Election is Nullified

Original website (with multiple videos and downloads; go there to register and/or see more information).  AZ and 24 other states have this same problem.  Their 2020 Election not only had massive Election Fraud, their election itself was a COMPLETE Fraud.  State Statues require that the Election Machines be certified, but they could not have been certified as required.  See Button links to additional information at the end of this post.

This means we have many officials in office who were not officially elected (even from 2018-2019).  This is an extremely serious problem that MUST BE resolved.

By law, the Arizona 2020 election is nullified based on uncertified voting machines producing only illegal votes.

Call & Email your Representatives to Demand Impeachment of Katie Hobbs

Clinton Discusses Tech Giants To Interfere With Next Election Via Voting Machines Which Must Be Abolished or Demolished.

Here are some of the laws broken in the 2020 Election: