About That Trump Youngstown, Ohio Rally Hillary Clinton Likened to a Nazi Rally: TGP Report

Original article. Like a child still whining about her 2016 lost which she was certain they had stolen. Of course, “Make America Great Again” really upsets Demos who are working so hard to destroy (demo) America. Perhaps when we restore equal justice under the law, some of the election and other fraudsters can be locked up.
By Kristinn Taylor
Published September 26, 2022 at 4:50 am 150 Comments

President Trump held a rally in Youngstown, Ohio the previous weekend for Republican U.S. Senate nominee J.D. Vance and other Ohio GOP candidates for federal and state offices. The rally was held at the mid-sized Covelli Center and drew an enthusiastic crowd of over 6,000, falling a few hundred short of a ‘sellout’, but a great crowd in a deep blue part of Ohio (while Ohio State played a home game against Toledo.)

The rally became controversial because Hillary Clinton and the media smeared Trump supporters at the rally as being like Nazis for raising their arms and index fingesr during the closing remarks of Trump’s speech. The gesture was seen by churchgoers as an ‘altar call’ response to a very moving passage by Trump that was set to soft, mournful music and describes America’s swift downfall since Trump left office in January 2021. Others saw a ‘Q Anon’ salute and accused Trump of playing footsie with Q Anon, while others like Hillary likened the rally to Hitler’s night rallies.

See for yourself what kind of people were at the Trump rally.

This video (in two parts) shows some people in the crowd raising their arms in the same manner while a recording of Elvis Presley singing An American Trilogy played right before Trump was introduced. Note the loud cheers at the end as Elvis thunders, “His truth is marching on.”

TGP Photos:

A man in the stands behind Trump was wearing a Jews for Trump t-shirt. Do you think he thought he was at a Nazi rally, Hillary?

Two Hasidic Jewish men sat in the upper rows behind Trump. Do you think they thought they were at a Nazi rally, Hillary?

I saw the Hasidic men after the rally. They stayed to the end. No one bothered them, no one attacked them.

Photos of the crowd as they raised their arms. They look more like Deplorables, right Hillary?

More photos from the rally:

Ohio favorite son Rep. Jim Jordan.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke at the rally and also greeted supporters on the floor.

Mike Lindell says he’s feeling great despite everything.

President Trump gave an excellent speech that kept the crowd riveted with serious topics and Trump humor.

Trump acted out the story of the woman weightlifter losing out to a transgender man.

The crowd roared as Trump ended his speech with his vow of , “We will make America great again!”

The crowd was thrilled when Trump busted a few moves from the Trump Dance as Sam and Dave’s Hold on, I’m Comin’ played.

All photos by Kristinn Taylor, copyright 2022.

Note: NPR reporter Lisa Dejardins reported from Trump’s Wilmington, North Carolina rally last Friday that security was telling people to not raise their arms during the closing remarks.

While some may think the Trump rally staff should let supporters react the way they want, and whatever one thinks of Q Anon supporters, Trump is saving them, and himself, the grief of having to fight off the Nazi smear every rally with photos taken in low light to give the impression of a ‘night rally’.

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