America Is Getting Played by the Deep State and Biden Administration – the Most Important Questions Remain Unanswered (2-part post)

Original article. Obviously!!! The coverup is blatant, despicable and dangerous. This is about National Security first; multiple crimes are the second level. There can be no excuse for not raiding/searching all the Biden properties and work locations with people having a non-partisan motive and the proper security clearance. Reason explanation??? If so, why hasn’t it come out? Like Kash Patel says, the House Subcommittee MUST subpoena the EC (Electronic Communication).
By Joe Hoft
Published January 18, 2023 at 5:15 pm 257 Comments

We have learned very little information surrounding Biden’s criminal acts in taking top-secret classified documents to his premises.  The biggest questions remain unanswered. 

We first heard of classified documents being found at Biden’s office at Penn U where China has donated millions.  Then we found out that there were classified documents found at Biden’s home.

The stories lack many details that Americans would like to know.  But we only get pieces and we don’t really know who they come from.

A good example was today when FOX News reporter Peter Doocey shared the following:

Real Clear politics reported on Doocy’s comments.

FOX News White House reporter Peter Doocy reports on the latest details dripping out about the mishandled classified documents found in President Biden’s private office and home.

“We learned overnight that the Justice Department and the Attorney General decided not to send FBI agents to supervise the Biden lawyers’ search of the Wilmington residence. Now we can report that there were Justice Department officials there. The Justice Department had folks go to the location that the classified material was found to take possession of it and then be on their way,” Doocy reported. “Just because the FBI didn’t go and send a bunch of agents in windbreakers doesn’t mean the Biden lawyers’ search was completely unsupervised the entire time. It doesn’t sound like the Justice Department had folks there throughout, while people were going through every possible place documents could have been.”

There are so many questions.  Doocy covers some.

Scott Johnson at Powerline gives a reason why we don’t have all the facts.

Everything we know in the Biden classified documents matter derives from Biden’s attorneys. In other words, it is inherently unreliable. The existence of the matter was leaked by unidentified sources. Attorney General Garland has since publicly appointed a Special Counsel and more classified documents have been discovered in Biden’s Corvette garage and elsewhere. Mysteries abound.

Americans would like to know –

  • Why is this being released now?
  • What is in the documents?
  • Who saw the documents?
  • Was this information Biden provided to China for “donations” in another pay to play scheme?
  • What crimes were broken by Biden and others in obtaining and keeping the documents?
  • Was creepy Hunter involved?
  • Why were Biden’s attorneys looking for documents in the first place?
  • How long have the documents been missing?
  • Does the government not keep records of these documents and track them?
  • Why were attorneys allowed to look at the documents without clearance for doing so?

The list goes on and on…

And to date we get crickets from the corrupt DOJ and FBI and pieces from Biden’s attorneys…

Everything about this stinks. 

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BREAKING: Joe and Hunter Biden Seen Arriving at Delaware Home 4 Days before Documents Reportedly Retrieved by Personal Attorneys

Original article.
By Jim Hoft
Published January 18, 2023 at 4:57 pm 176 Comments

FOX News played video on Wednesday night showing Hunter Biden and Joe Biden arriving at the family home in Delaware four days before attorneys retrieved classified documents at the home.

There were no visitor logs kept for Biden’s Delaware home where Joe Biden spent at least one-quarter of his presidency.

Hunter Biden claimed he lived at the home for years on tax forms.

Kash Patel believes the investigation into Joe Biden’s classified documents started in the summer of 2022 and the FBI likely discovered them as a result of their investigation into Hunter Biden.

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