Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli Tells Turncoat RINO AG Brnovich, “Go Freakin Pound Sand” – Says The 2020 Election Was “Uncertifiable” Following Bombshell Report

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By Jordan Conradson
Published November 3, 2022 at 4:30 pm 226 Comments

Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room today following yesterday’s bombshell presentation on voter fraud in the 2020 Election.

Borrelli reviewed the findings from yesterday with Steve Bannon, and he said the 2020 election in Arizona was “uncertifiable.”

The Gateway Pundit reported on the full presentation yesterday live from Maricopa County, Arizona.

A team in Maricopa County reviewed voter registration forms and compared them with signatures on over 100,000 ballot envelopes, and they identified a staggering 20% error rate in signature verification.

Below is a summary of their findings.

  • 609 voters that cast a ballot in the 2020 election that used voter IDs issued AFTER the 2020 election.
  • Nine voters whose voter ID was canceled between 2017 and 2020 and were still able to vote in the 2020 election (not provisional).
  • 128 who have two voter IDs assigned to them. Both ballots were cast in the 2020 election, resulting in potentially 128 illegal votes.
  • The signature on the Registration does not belong to the voter
  • Multiple Voters that Do Not Match Signature on Registrations Prior to 2020 AND Had New Registrations Inserted That Are Different or a Match On 02/03/2021
  • Ballots Marked “Voter Unable to Sign Due to Covid Restrictions.”
  • Envelopes left blank with no signature
  • Ballots Were Signed By Other Household Members and accepted as-is
  • Over 1,200 Dead voters
  • Ballots Received by the Wrong officer in charge of elections on Election Day
  • 56 ballots that were received on election day in other counties and states.
  • 17,822 Accepted Ballots with mismatched signatures

Watch the full presentation here.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on Dr. Shiva’s analysis of ballot signatures in the 2020 election, which found similar results. However, the fake news media, the Democrats, and Maricopa County RINOs did not want to address Dr. Shiva’s evidence. Instead, they did everything they could to discredit Dr. Shiva and his findings.

Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli responded to these findings and Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s recent 60 Minutes appearance today on the War Room.

Brnovich appeared on 60 Minutes earlier this week, where he labeled people like Sonny Borrelli “clowns.” He also said that the Arizona audit and those who don’t believe the 2020 election was free and fair are involved in a “giant grift” or a “swindle.”

Bannon: Brnovich went on 60 minutes. He went to the heart of the mainstream regime media, corporate media, on Sunday night, and he called Sonny Borelli a grifter. He said Sonny Borrelli is a crook. He said anybody who’s talking about this is a whack job or a grifter that are advancing their careers, are somehow making money off this. This is what the sitting Attorney General in the state of Arizona said, sir. What is your response to Brnovich?

Borrelli: Go freakin pound sand. I’m running for my last term in the Senate. I have not raised one penny off of the audit, or off this thing at all. Karen Fann is not running again. She stayed with it. She didn’t bend; she didn’t weaken. You know, it’s just really despicable that somebody would say something like that. Especially somebody that’s taken an oath to be an officer of the court, and has took an oath to actually defend the laws of Arizona. And he just basically bailed on us to call us these names. And actually, it’s really disgusting how he said that he spent all kinds of 1000s of hours chasing down dead voters and this and that, and what a waste of time it was, 1000s of hours. Well, you know what, as soon as the team that was analyzing all this data, within 45 minutes, they came up with 30 Dead voters, and 17 of them actually voted in the 2020 election. So don’t give me any bullshit about the 1000s of man-hours that his office had to endure, which is ridiculous. Now when we had the audit report last year in September, with Dr. Shiva analyzing signatures off the ballot envelopes, because the county would not give us the voter registration forms, which is what they use to analyze the ballot envelope signature, and they have to match that up with the voter registration form. When they wouldn’t give us the voter registration forms, even unredacted, because they were afraid this was gonna fall into the wrong hands and identity theft. I’m gonna get back to the identity theft here in a minute, okay? So, Dr. Shiva had to do something else, he had to go through all kinds of different public records, property deeds, and so on and so forth to get some type of a comparison. They disparaged that signature verification, and they said, that’s not the standard we use, you can’t use that standard because it’s not real. We don’t even know where you got that. We don’t know if it’s real. So they just kind of blew that off, but yet they also blew off the fact that you cannot open a ballot that does not have a signature and is not cured, which means the law says if the ballot envelope comes in, and it doesn’t have a signature, they have until the close of 7 pm on election day to get down there and assign that ballot and verify who you are. They did it anyway. They ripped it open they had some with just check marks on it. And there’s some of them, it’s amazing. You’ve got the PowerPoint decision, we sent you the whole PowerPoint, there are some that were not even they could not sign.

Bannon: What was this evidence that you guys put the team on? And what are the biggest headlines you’ve got that now has people’s heads blowing up because you’re outing people that have been lying from the beginning?

Borrelli: So, they said our signature verification was bogus. It was debunked. You know, it’s all been debunked, all that kind of stuff. So guess what? We ended up obtaining these voter registration forms, the same standard that they use to verify signatures. Now that’s a long, arduous process to just do in the first place. So, we actually got the voter registration forms to actually compare signatures on the ballot envelopes. And this is where we got this data. We went through all of these things. What we did we were able to do was actually 104,000 ballot envelopes. That’s what we examined so far. We’re already at a 20% error rate or success rate. Or whatever you want to call it.

Bannon: of the 104,000 envelopes you were able to check, you’re saying 20% failed that test?

Borrelli: Yes. We’re talking signatures that are so blatant, and look, we still got another million and a half to go.

Bannon: How did it take us two years to get here, sir?

Borrelli: Well, if they would have cooperated with us, we would have nailed this down two years ago. It’s just that simple. If they would have given us what we needed when we asked for what we actually subpoenaed, we would have been done with this two years ago. But no, they wanted to drag their feet and obstruct and resist it, and it’s ridiculous. And it’s exactly what it is. This is a cover-up. They said all you are conspiracy theorists. No, it’s no longer theory. There is a conspiracy, a conspiracy to cover up the evidence of an election that’s technically uncertifiable

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