Biden won on paper but Arizonians lost in reality!

Opinion Editorial by James Knox – 9/25/2022

Since December, we’ve canvassed Arizona, and it is Liz’s first report that was the key to the Senate calling for a full forensic audit. We had high hopes of what would be the end results; it produced everything and more!

Some of the key things to understand, Never did we expect the physical count of the ballots to be different. It would have been nice to have such an easily identified problem to fix. However, you can have 100 one-dollar bills, and it will always equal $100.00!

The high points are the following, but do not stop on the first point as ALL THE MEDIA HAS:

  • A physical count of ballots was off in favor of Trump slightly – Biden, per the count, did win.
  • Over 16k mail-in ballots did not have signatures, but the Maricopa Elections Office allowed them to be ingested.
    • They did not compare the signatures and predict there would have been a much higher fraudulent voter count.
  • The paper ballots had four distinctly different paper types, three different than what the law requires.
  • Over 40k votes appear to be illegal based upon the following criteria in the image below:

  • The security was less than your average home network, with an anonymous admin account and passwords being shared
  • Lack of Windows OS updates, security patches
  • The log files proved the systems were on the internet and active traffic during the election period
  • Servers had remote access abilities actively turned on and recorded activity
  • Many log files and other files deleted
  • Recordings of three individuals deleting logs files

The result is there was massive fraud, election laws were purposefully broken, and there was a complete lack of integrity in Maricopa’s election. They did not tie any of this into our recently released report, but let me.

We had an average of 34% of the voters whose ballot was not counted/lost. This means that we spoke to voters who said I voted, but the county recorded them as not voting! We also had voters tell us they voted by one method while the recorder’s office identified as different from the way the voter said they voted. For example, the voter said they voted in person, but the recorder reported them by mail.

The report fully supports our numbers and those numbers we have yet to release. Since Cyber Ninjas and the team could not ensure all the ballots received were from legal voters, the recorder’s office shows huge discrepancies if a voter voted or what method they voted with. Who then actually voted? Who voted the method that the legal voter did not use?  The report supports the canvassing results!

So what can we do? All Arizonians and Americans need to demand their legislators immediately convene and pass legislation that goes into effect before the next election cycle in 2022. It needs to contain the following items:

  1. Single-day in-person voting
    1. Except for the military and the severely handicapped, no exceptions.
  2. State issued photo ID or Passport must be presented
  3. All paper ballots
  4. Ballots counted by people
  5. Counting of ballots cannot stop until reported results.
  6. Results should be reported no later than midnight the same day.

It is simple and will save money reducing the high-priced fraud-riddled machines, but more importantly, it is secure, reliable and ensures one legal vote for each legal voter.


Please take this action now, call your governor and legislators daily, and demand that such a law be passed. If needed, a special session is immediately called before they are fraudulently not elected in the 2022 election!