Brannon Howse and Mike Lindell Break HUGE Wisconsin News in Exclusive First Report on Why Wisconsin House Speaker is Now Admitting Widespread Fraud That Could Decertify Wisconsin 2020 Election

Original article.  Yes!!!  Mike Lindell DOES deserve a Congressional Metal of Honor!!  He has spent $10s of Millions of his own money to save our country from Corrupt, Criminal, and even Treasonous Elections.  Hopefully, this will finally be the turning point where truth drowns out the Fake News and the evil people and organizations that have been sustaining those lies for these seventeen months!  Just remember going forward, it was censorship and cancel culture that enabled sustaining those lies.

Referenced items:

  1. Justice Gableman’s Report.  See the bottom of page 135 for the Decertification process.
  2. The Solution to secure elections from two Colonels who are cyber security experts.
  3. Statement from President Trump.


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