BREAKING: Arizona Attorney General Fires Off Letter to Secretary of State — Demands Documents Based on Forensic Audit Results

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By Jim Hoft
Published October 11, 2021 at 5:09 pm  483 Comments

The Gateway Pundit determined last week that following the AZ Senate Audit nearly 700,000 ballots in Maricopa County had issues as identified in the audit and canvassing of the county. 

These issues are not likely mutually exclusive but give a very good indication that the 2020 Election in Arizona was full of tenss of thousands of invalid ballots.

We’ve put together our updated list of issues identified over the past few weeks related to the 2020 Election in Arizona.  After the canvassing and the audit reports were finalized, we’ve identified nearly 700,000 ballots at issue (which may not be mutually exclusive).

The largest issue reported was related to early voting files which do not include early votes included in the final voted file.

The second-largest issue we noted in the Cyber Ninja report included 86,000 ballots where the insureds have no related fingerprints at all, which in this day and age seems very unlikely.

Cyber Ninja’s in their report also listed more than 57,000 issues in ballots in various areas.

On Monday Jennifer Wright the Arizona Assistant Attorney General fired off a letter to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office requesting information related to registration list maintenance in the State of Arizona.

The Attorney General is starting his investigation.

Here is the letter.

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