BREAKING: Arizona County Elections Director Scott Jarrett Admits in Court that Printer Settings Were Switched on Election Day – IT WAS ON PURPOSE! (VIDEO)

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By Jim Hoft
Published December 22, 2022 at 4:16 pm 481 Comments

One week ago, Maricopa County officials squirmed when Kari Lake’s team requested to inspect the Maricopa County ballots from Election Day.

This was obvious at the time and Kari Lake’s team later tweeted out the video clip.

NOW WE KNOW WHY– The Maricopa County team was afraid they would get caught intentionally using the wrong-sized ballots to sabotage Election Day.

17 out of 20 (84 percent) voting centers with machine problems were in DEEP RED DISTRICTS!

These ballots all jammed the tabulators on Election Day in Maricopa County.

The ballots were all printed at Runbeck Company, a printing corporation run by a very liberal Arizona family that strictly donates to Democrat candidates and causes.

The flawed ballots were handed out on Election Day when officials KNEW Republicans would come out in force.

72% of voters on Election Day were voting Republican.
Only 17% of the voters that day were voting Democrat.

On Thursday Scott Jarrett, the Maricopa County Elections Director, admitted the printer settings were switched on Election Day to alter the ballot size.

They just admitted to the setup!

Kari Lake’s Attorney Kurt Olson: “Is it your testimony that the printer set changes that led to the so-called “shrink to fit” issue was that done on Election Day?”

Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett responded, “That’s correct.”

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