BREAKING: Audit Results of Primary Election in Torrance County, New Mexico Show Differences Between Hand Counts and SOS Records of Up to 25%

Original article. “Machines in NM are toast.”
By Joe Hoft
Published October 24, 2022 at 5:20 pm 487 Comments

An audit of the primary results in Torrance County, New Mexico uncovered numerous material items from the election.

CD Media reports:

Torrance County, NM recently held an audit of their primary election and the results showed a stunning 25% difference between machine and hand count results.

Torrance is a small county but the significance is huge for the 2022 general election on Nov 8.

Attorney David Clements shared more on his Telegram page:

The errors appeared to be in the Republican block of votes!

Erin Clements, an engineer and the wife of David Clements was also involved in the audit.  She shared the following:

The Clements family is doing all it can to bring free and fair elections back to the states. 

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