BREAKING: BANNON GOES OFF — After News Breaks that Dems will Shelve Build Back Better Bill – Will Move to Federalize Elections – Their Permanent Power Play

Original article.  If Demos can’t steal our country through fraudulent elections, then they will steal it through IN-YOUR-FACE stunts like this.  It is time to flood Congress and let them know THIS CAN’T HAPPEN!!!!  And Mitch McConnell, who appears to be part of the problem, MUST GO.
By Jim Hoft
Published December 15, 2021 at 11:10 am  2286 Comments


This is Breaking News–

The Senate Democrats are expected to shelve their Build Back Better bill and move forward with their national elections bill that gives them permanent power.

They can’t win if they can’t cheat.

Steve Bannon WENT OFF after hearing the news this morning.
Following this news, Bannon and guest Peter Navarro called for Mitch McConnell, the deceiving fool of the US Senate, to step down.

Steve Bannon: We told you that this is what Mitch McConnell has brought upon us. I told you this was going to happen. He gave them $3 trillion and now he’s given them a pathway to federalize all of these elections which is the only way they can win and they understand that. They understand. They’ve seen the polls. These are not dumb people. These are cunning and crafty people. You could see this a mile away. Rick Scott and the people of the Senate ought to have a conference today and they ought to take the leadership away from Mitch McConnell!

Keep hope alive and pray because they don’t have the votes for their unconstitutional aim to federalize the voting system:

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