BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Michigan AG Dana Nessel Forced Security Team to Sign Non-Disclosure Statements After She Was Passed-Out Drunk and HAD TO BE REMOVED FROM MICHIGAN FOOTBALL GAME IN WHEELCHAIR

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By Jim Hoft
Published October 20, 2022 at 2:30 pm 1114 Comments

As was reported by The Gateway Pundit at the time — Michigan’s top law enforcement official, Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel, whose term expires in 2022 and is locked in a close race with Republican Matt DePerno, was so drunk at the October 30, 2021, MSU-UM game that she had to be taken back to her vehicle in a wheelchair.

100 Percent Fed Up reported – On October 30 2021 , Michigan State University’s football team defeated their number one rival, the University of Michigan. U of M alumna Dana Nessel joined Gretchen Whitmer, an MSU alumna, for a pre-party (tailgate) in the parking lot outside of the MSU stadium.  Colleges typically reach out to students on game days to warn them against drinking too much alcohol. The University of Michigan probably didn’t think they had to send the same request to Dana Nessel, the state’s top law enforcement official.

Democrat AG Dana Nessel, who literally promoted her lack of a penis as a reason to vote for her in 2018, became so intoxicated at the MSU-UM game that she was removed from the stadium in a wheelchair.

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The completely lawless MI attorney general later made an “official statement” on her Facebook Page. The statement was a mix of primarily bad humor about her unprofessional behavior. Still, it fails to address the poor example she set for students as she sat hunched over in her seat inside the packed stadium. Instead, her statement was filled with more jokes about her behavior than remorse.

The MI AG makes fun of her “terrible” bartending skills, about  “vomiting” on her constituents and the “skull-crushing hangover” on the following day.

Ron Weiser (Center) is the MIGOP Chair. He was walking by a tailgate party in the parking lot of the stadium when AG Nessel asked him to pose for a photo with her and Gov Whitmer. AG Nessel called for his head last year when Weiser referred to Nessel, Whitmer and Benson at a private party as the “3 Witches.” Gov. Whitmer is left of Weiser and Nessel is on the right.

The Gateway Pundit recently learned that Attorney General Dana Nessel forced her security detail to sign Non-Disclosure Statements (NDAs) following the incident where they wheeled her to a car passed out drunk in a wheelchair and then tossed her in the car for a ride home from the football game.

But not all of the security officials were pleased with the fact that they were forced to sign an NDA to protect the corrupt and dead-ass drunk attorney general.

The State of Michigan settled the grievance with the Michigan state employees.

And the NDA was later declared null and void.

Nessel was overturned.

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