BREAKING: Kari Lake Files First Complaint Against Maricopa County, Says She Has Whistleblowers And Smoking Gun Evidence Of Uncertified Printers And Dominion Employees With “Unfettered Access” (VIDEO)

Original article. “Dominion employees had free rein of the MCTEC facility and even told MCTEC employees when to take a break???”
By Jordan Conradson
Published November 23, 2022 at 3:20 pm 328 Comments

Kari Lake appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room this morning to discuss a new complaint that her team filed against Maricopa County as they push forward to certify another rigged and stolen election.

Lake told Bannon that she has “whistleblowers coming forward and at least one smoking gun in it.” She then revealed that her sources inside the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center witnessed Dominion employees were given “unfettered access” and they “walk around like they own the place.”

“I almost think there’s maladministration and maliciousness, the way they’re running this,” Lake said.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the serious issues in Maricopa County’s General Election on November 8. Due to the incompetence of Maricopa County and Katie Hobbs, tabulators were down, printers ran out of ink, and long, long lines kept Republican voters waiting to cast their ballots. Republican voters were told to drop their ballots into “box 3” to be counted later.

Election experts and election workers later reported that these uncounted ballots were mixed with already counted ballots, leaving no way of knowing if all legal votes were counted!

Kari Lake also told Bannon that the County never certified the printers used on election day, “and that story is about to fall real soon.”

Despite this issue occurring at well over 30% of polling locations on election day, Maricopa County officials would have us believe that only 17,000 ballots were affected and dropped into Box 3.

The County admitted to 30% of polling locations having issues, but a new report reveals that over 60% of polling locations were experiencing these anomalies and extreme wait times.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Jennifer Wright, the Assistant Attorney General from the state of Arizona, fired off a letter to Maricopa County demanding answers to these tabulation errors and commingling of ballots in duffle bags by November 28.

The Gateway Pundit reported last night that Trump-Endorsed Arizona Attorney General Nominee Abe Hamadeh filed the state’s first election contest in the Arizona Superior Court.

Read Abe Hamadeh’s full complaint here.

Today, Kari Lake filed the following application for an order to show cause and special action complaint against County Recorder Stephen Richer, the Maricopa County Supervisors, and Election Directors Scott Jarrett and Rey Valenzuela.

Kari Lake Application for Order to Show Cause by Jordan Conradson on Scribd

Kari Lake Verified Complaint by Jordan Conradson on Scribd

Included in these filings are 23 exhibits of evidence, including unfulfilled public records requests to the County, signed affidavits from roving attorneys, poll workers, and voters who were unable to vote, the Arizona Elections Procedures Manual, and the recent demand from the Attorney General’s office.

Kari Lake Exhibits_Redacted by Jordan Conradson on Scribd

Despite the massive irregularities, lawsuits against the County, and an obviously compromised election, Maricopa County will move forward with canvassing and certifying the 2022 General Election on Monday.

f you were disenfranchised in Arizona by long lines at the polls, tabulators not working, being told to place your untabulated ballot in box 3, or you were prevented from voting in Arizona, visit all three of the following websites to document your experience so these problems can be remedied!

Lake appeared on Bannon’s War Room this morning to give this major update. She then indicated that they will drop a major lawsuit if this corrupt election is certified.

Watch below:

Bannon: Where do we stand? We understand you just put a shot across the bow in your first of many filings but walk us through, set the thing for the audience, who has been kind of one step removed, watching all these disparate moves. Now that you’re at the head of the tank column here now, what is exactly going on?

Lake: Well, we kind of follow it up with our own filing today. We need information from Maricopa County. They ran the shottiest election ever in history, and we want some information. We’re on a timeline, a very strict timeline, when it comes to fighting this botched election, and they’re dragging their feet. They don’t want to give us the information, so we’re asking the courts to force them to give us information. This is not our main case. When our main case drops, they will hear it. Trust me, they will hear it. And they better think really hard before Ducey and Hobbs sign their John Hancock to that certification. They better think long and hard about what they know about what happened in this election. Because when we drop our lawsuit, they will hear it. We have whistleblowers coming forward and at least one smoking gun in it. And we will not stand here and watch them make a mockery of our sacred vote. So we’ve asked for the courts to get involved and force the Maricopa County clowns to give us information.

Bannon: You’re supposed to have a real flow of this information from your observers and your attorneys. Are you saying in this filing that they have restricted your flow of information as they hurtle towards this certification on Monday?

Lake: Well, we’ve included a lot of the information that we’ve obtained from people who were poll watchers working at the polls, but we’re needing information from Bill Gates and from Thomas Liddy down at Maricopa County; information that only they have. And it’s part of the information we saw in the AGs letter. I believe they’re withholding it. They’re dragging their feet on this. They’re trying to run out the clock. But we will get that information. Even without it, I think we have just a killer case here. And we need to remember what they’re trying to do here with our elections. They did it in broad daylight. It was blatant. There was no subtlety about what they did when they discriminated against people who chose to vote on Election Day. 63% of polling places were inoperational or only partially operational on election day. Hour-long waits, two-hour, three-hour, four-hour long waits. I had one report, Steve, where they rolled somebody in a bed to vote, an elderly person who wanted to vote. When that person got up to vote, they watched as their ballot went in and out, in and out, never got counted. This is absolute outrageousness on behalf of Maricopa County. I don’t know how it’s coincidental. I can’t even imagine. I mean, don’t insult my intelligence by acting like this was just, oops, we screwed up. And you know what else they didn’t do? They never certified the printers, and they’ll lie and tell you they did, but they never certified the printers being used at the polling places, which were not good printers. The only printer they certified were the million-dollar Runbeck printers. And that story is about to fall real soon when we find out that they didn’t even certify the equipment they were using at these polling places.

Lake: You know, one of the polling locations, the person in charge, when everybody showed up to help work, he said, ‘Oh, don’t worry. I’ve already done all the testing. It’s all been done,’ and they’re supposed to have witnesses there. We actually have watchers and eyes in the counting center downtown MCTEC. And we found out from one of our people that are down there that two employees with Dominion badges have free range of that counting center where all the ballots are. Two employees with Dominion badges walk around like they own the place, unfettered access. They’re on all of the computers, we’re told, and they’re actually even telling county employees when to take a break and when to leave the room. This is run in a way that is not just, I almost think there’s maladministration and maliciousness, the way they’re running this. It’s not just accidental, what they’re doing here, Steve, it’s in all different areas from the polling places to where they’re counting the ballots.

Lake: This is just beyond 2020. I mean, what they did in 2020. It looks like they’ve done that again and then some. And for the governor, if he says he’s going to certify this, and Katie Hobbs to certify this, I think they really better think long and hard.

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