Candidate For Wisconsin Attorney General Gets in Race to Address Election Issues and Destruction of Our Civil Liberties

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By Joe Hoft
Published March 28, 2022 at 9:32 am  114 Comments


Attorney Karen Mueller, the founder and general counsel for the Amos Center of Justice and Liberty has officially entered the race for Wisconsin Attorney General. 

Mueller shared with us that she really wasn’t planning on running but the current candidates are not addressing the big issues of the day, the 2020 Election issues and the COVID-related issues, so she felt she had to run.

We first heard of Karen after the 2020 Election when she was fighting for the people of Wisconsin and ultimately President Trump.  She filed a suit against the Wisconsin Election Commission and claimed the ballot drop boxes were unconstitutional.  In her suit, she uncovered the corruption in the Wisconsin Republican Party where the leadership was behind the election steal by promoting ballot drop boxes in the state.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court eventually dismissed her case even though Karen was right.

On Saturday, Mueller shared in her announcement three reasons why she is running:

In the past four months she has received a shocking number of phone calls from families of patients in different hospitals around Wisconsin where they reported suspicious deaths or attempts to end the lives of their loved ones by medical providers.   Their loved ones had been previously denied potential life-saving medicines and instead were given dangerous drugs under a joint EUA which provided both financial incentives and immunity from liability to the hospital systems.  Patients were shortly thereafter put on ventilators and family members were encouraged or even coerced to sign DNR or “comfort care” documents before being allowed to see their loved ones, one last time.  It is suspected that the motives for these alleged homicides are twofold:  1) to prevent a safe and viable alternative treatment for Covid 19 from being revealed which would end the EUA on “vaccines” and thus would end immunity from liability for the “vaccines” and 2) to receive significant financial gains and rewards by getting people sick enough to need ventilators which earns hospitals from $60,000 to $100,000 extra dollars per ICU patient.  Attorney Mueller promised that if she was elected as Attorney General, she would open investigations into these alleged homicides and would charge and hold accountable those responsible for these deaths if these allegations were substantiated.

Attorney Mueller secondly explained that the high number of Covid-related “vaccine” deaths and injuries were also alleged homicides that needed to be investigated as potential murders since these shots were given without any actual legal informed consent.  A callous disregard was shown for the lives and rights of the people who were given these “frankenshots,” a term first coined by Professor Francis Boyle of Chicago law school who wrote the federal “Bioweapon Anti-terrorism Act of 1989.  He believes that a genocide is now in process as people have been forced to take these shots by employers and schools with no true understanding or appreciation of the risk of death or serious bodily harm to their employees or students, due to the coordinated suppression and intentional rejection of the Truth by medical providers, government agencies, private non-profits, and media outlets.

Thirdly, Attorney Mueller stated that the massive number of deaths by these two causes discussed above would not have occurred in this state and this country had the 2020 Presidential election not been stolen through fraud and election law violation.  Since President Trump neither favored the withholding of safe-alternative treatments for Covid-19 nor sought mandatory “vaccine” shots it was only by installing the Biden Administration that this horrifying murder conspiracy could unfold right before the eyes of American Citizens.   Attorney Mueller announced that it is imperative that voting, and election frauds be investigated and prosecuted, in order to restore the trust of the Wisconsin voters in their election system and to protect citizens from further deadly “healthcare” policies and “vaccine” mandates.

Finally, she asserted that Wisconsin legislators can and should decertify the 10 electoral votes because of the multiple election violations as a “matter of law” and the frauds which vitiate and annul the wrongful decision.  There is nothing in the constitution that prevents a state legislature from exercising its plenary powers.  The governor’s signature is NOT required on any such decertification resolution because the constitutional power to make the election laws regarding electoral votes rests with the state legislatures, alone. Therefore, the decision as to whether decertification is possible and how, also rests with each state’s legislature.   The Wisconsin legislators violated their oaths of office when they certified the electoral votes knowing that there were already many reports of fraud and illegalities.  Decertification by the state legislator would allow legislators to renew and restore their oaths to uphold the state and federal constitutions.

Here is Karen’s full announcement:

WI Karen Mueller AG Announcement by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Karen knows the difference between right and wrong and she’s courageous enough to take a stand. 

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